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Auto warranty reviews for extended warranty providers

Auto warranty reviews mostly apply to aftermarket or extended warranties or service contracts.  This is because these are services that you must pay in addition to the cost of what you paid for your car.


Most auto warranty reviews would tell you if the company is one that honors its claims, or how common the occurrence of unpaid or unsettled claims within that company is.  It is very easy to become trapped in warranties that contain little clauses that may be intentionally included or excluded as the case might be just so that the company doesn’t stand responsible for the claims made against them.


Auto warranty reviews also provide you with guidelines that can assist and prevent you from investing in fraudulent warranty companies or companies that do not really offer you what they advertise.  Most people get tricked out of their money this way, for they invest in a warranty online that says one thing, but doesn’t clarify its statements and leaves you little room to realize that they are doing this.  Unfortunately you would find out the hard way if and when you do try to file a claim.

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Posted on Friday, July 6th, 2007 at 4:25 pm In Auto Warranty  

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