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Is It Time For Me To Buy A New Car Yet?

car2.jpgI may envy my friends a little as they are all driving beautiful new cars, but I don’t envy their high monthly payments.  After many years of carting with my family around, the interior of my Explorer may not be much to look at, but mechanically it is still fairly sound.  Rather then taking on a new loan and dealing with the monthly payments, I chose to purchase an auto warranty.  I consider used car warranties and essential investment if you plan to keep an older vehicle and it is your primary mode of transportation.


When I returned to the dealer who sold me my car originally and asked him if he could provide warranty coverage, I was told they were not able to sell it to me after the date of sale.  I then went on a quest to find another way to obtain coverage.  I found a number of aftermarket auto warranty companies that offered a variety of different plans and chose a bumper to bumper planned that seemed to work best for me.


After going through this process, which I considered a learning experience, I found that doing a extensive research on the different companies that provided and auto warranty online was essential.  Some auto warranty reviews were available that showed that the quality of the companies varied considerably.  Remember, you usually get what you pay for.

Posted on Sunday, January 27th, 2008 at 10:08 am In Used Car Warranties  

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