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Things To Consider About Hybrid Cars

Hybrid Toyota PriusHybrid cars have the potential to be very advantageous to car owners all over the world, but there are issues that owners should be conscious of, some of which may require a quality hybrid auto warranty program. Here are some pros and cons:


1. Hybrid cars have a higher mpg (miles per gallon), therefore saving money on gas is an advantage for hybrid car owners.

2. Hybrid cars produce less pollution than other vehicles. Since hybrids use both gas and electric motors, when running on electric, the car’s engine is not releasing pollutants into the air.

3. Hybrid cars produce better performance because the electric engine boosts the power of the gas engine when traveling at lower speeds.

4. Hybrid cars are capable of getting higher ratings for mileage. Contrasting from gas engines, hybrid engines are able to get better ratings for mileage by just making some changes to driving patterns. Hybrids use a method called “hypermiling” in order to improve mileage.

5. The government has given a tax credit to some people who purchase a hybrid vehicle. Some states are also giving tax breaks to people who buy hybrids.

6. Some states give HOV lane use people who drive hybrid vehicles. Some areas even give the drivers of hybrids the perk of free parking. Some states are considering tax breaks for hybrid drivers, while other states already have them available. Also, some companies make money offers to drivers who switch to hybrid cars. It is a good idea to look into these kinds of offers in certain states or businesses when buying a hybrid car.


1. There is some apprehension about the batteries in hybrid cars. These concerns revolve around how long the batteries will last and also how costly they are to be replaced.

2. Safety is also a concern when it comes to getting into an accident in a hybrid vehicle. People question whether or not the larger battery that produces high voltages of electricity can be dangerous if you get into an accident. Manufacturers are designing these batteries to shut down if there is an accident. Unfortunately problems can still occur which is the reason that some emergency personnel are being trained to deal with accidents involving hybrid cars. Other than the possibility of something going wrong in the event of an accident, hybrids can be just as safe as other cars.

3. The cost of a hybrid car is a major setback for consumers who want to purchase one. Though you save money on gas, it may not make up for the expensive purchase price of a hybrid. Also, even though hybrids are known to be reliable, if problems arise, repair costs of hybrid parts could be high.

Overall, these are some good things to keep in mind if you are considering purchasing a hybrid car. A last, and perhaps most important thing to consider is purchasing an auto warranty for your hybrid vehicle as these cars can be quite costly to repair.

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Posted on Friday, July 15th, 2011 at 10:59 am In Auto Warranty  

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