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Why Are Inexpensive Cars Expensive To Repair?

images-33.jpgThe Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently did a study of 20 small cars in real-world, low-speed simulated collisions that motorists encounter all over the country in parking lots.  Their findings were that some of the most inexpensive cars you can purchase would cost you a lot of money to repair, even with a mild tap at 6 mph.

In order to replicate the full bumper from another vehicle the organization used a barrier.  By doing this they were able to assess rear and full frontal collisions, and also rear corner and frontal collisions at 6 mph and 3 mph.

Coming out the best was the Ford Focus.  This car was the least expensive car to fix, at $3,031 in damages after being put through the four tests.  The worst performer overall was the VW Rabbit, which totaled $9,511 in damage.

These tests show that small cars have gotten very complex over the years, and that simple parts like headlights have become expensive to replace and repair.  This is why it is essential for drivers to have an auto warranty to cover unnecessary repair expenses.

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Posted on Tuesday, July 6th, 2010 at 9:11 am In Auto Warranty  

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