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Why Certified Pre-Owned Cars Are A Good Option

images-6.jpgHere’s a question for car shoppers:  What has the low sticker price of a pre-owned vehicle with the auto warranty and reliability of a new vehicle?  The answer is a certified pre-owned vehicle.

CPO is a term that the auto industry uses to describe used vehicles with low-mileage that are late models.  These vehicles have passed a rigorous inspection and therefore have a factory auto warranty to back them up.  CPOs are typically in much better shape than a regular used vehicle and come with a regular maintenance schedule that a consumer can verify through Carfax.

Most certified pre-owned programs are offered with an auto warranty, inspection, as well as a return option if you end up not liking the vehicle.  However, what consumers end up receiving for the extra money they spend on a CPO car varies a lot.  For example, Lexus gives a 100,000 total vehicle; 3 year limited warranty on its COO vehicles.  However, Chrysler offers an inspection along with a return policy, yet only offers a 3,000-mile, 3 month limited auto warranty.

Customers need to ensure that they receive an extension of the auto warranty offered by the factory, which will give them the same service of a new car owner.

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Posted on Friday, February 11th, 2011 at 2:33 pm In Auto Warranty  

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