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Why The Toyota Prius Is A Hot Vehicle

images-51.jpgThe Prius has become one of the hottest vehicles in the country.  This is actually quite amazing because this is a hybrid electric vehicle, which requires people to embrace change. With any change, people like to protect themselves.  Many people feel better purchasing a hybrid if they have an auto warranty to go along with it. The billion-dollar question that innovators face is whether people will resist or embrace innovation.  Apparently, Toyota got it right, because thousands of people are buying the Prius.

People accustomed to a regular vehicle would struggle to get the Prius to move forward.  In addition, people probably couldn’t figure out how to put the car in reverse.  However, these are not hard lessons to learn, they just require people to change their way of thinking.  To start the Prius you press a button located on the dashboard twice.  To make your car go forward or backward you manipulate a small stick that comes out of the dashboard.

People might fear technology because it is seductive, yet they might also have a fear of not being able to change. Either way, it is good to protect yourself.  This includes purchasing used car warranties that will cover you in the case of faulty technology.  Innovators never really know which way the cash register will ring.  However, Toyota got it right with the Prius.

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Posted on Saturday, December 18th, 2010 at 2:28 pm In Used Car Warranties  

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