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Auto warranty – New owners rest easy thanks to the manufacturer’s service

In the excitement of purchasing a car, one should not forget the other formalities and details involved. There are certain documents that need to be exchanged; registration deed needs to be transferred to the name of the new owner, the insurance details passed on and so on. Along with these there should also be the auto warranty, if not then the buyer must insist on one. This will give him the freedom to use the vehicle with the reassurance that the manufacturer will provide necessary service at times of break down or failures.
The auto warranty document is applicable to all vehicles, irrespective of car model, and year of manufacture. The only thing that might differ is the duration or miles covered in this, it could be valid for 2years or 15000 miles or could cover repairs for 5-10years or 10000 -100000 miles. The buyer must be aware of the items that come under the warranty and what does not, so he will know what is his responsibility and which are that of the manufacturers. In case the duration is very less, then they can go in for an extended warranty, available at a nominal cost payable once a year.

Posted on Thursday, November 29th, 2007 at 9:47 pm In Auto Warranty  

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