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Do You Know What’s Covered Under Your Auto Warranty?

images-262.jpgEvery day people are asking dealership service departments, “Isn’t that covered under my auto warranty?” A lot of drivers assume that an auto warranty allows for repairs regardless of such things as maintenance requirements, environmental conditions, and vehicle mileage.

An auto warranty is an agreement you make with the manufacturer of the car.  As the warranty purchaser, you are responsible for following specific maintenance requirements.  Only if you perform the maintenance, is the manufacturer obligated to have repairs done.

Because of questionable practices that dealers have performed in the past, car manufacturers scrutinize every auto warranty claim.  Consumers often interpret this as an effort to get out of paying for repair costs.  However, the reality is that the repair might not qualify under the terms of the auto warranty.  This could be due to things such as, vehicle abuse, expiration, or parts that aren’t covered under the agreement.

Buyers need to be extra careful and read their auto warranty thoroughly.  Make sure to fulfill your side of the deal in order to have the manufacturer fulfill their side.

Posted on Tuesday, April 28th, 2009 at 11:29 am In Auto Warranty  

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