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Don’t Buy A Fraudulent Auto Warranty

Purchasing an auto warranty is a bit more risky if you do not know the rules and regulations of the warranty. It is a good idea for vehicle owners to hire professional car consultants who can help to guide them through the process or of buying an auto warranty. If the vehicle owner buys an auto warranty without seeking any assistance, there is a greater risk for purchasing a fraudulent warranty.

A fraudulent auto warranty refers to a warranty that has many different features and is priced extremely well, so much so that it seems like it can’t be true. However, the seller claiming to provide this auto warranty will not actually provide the services that are mentioned in it. In the used vehicle market, fraudulent auto warranties tend to come up often. This is why it is so important for consumers who want to buy used car warranties to proceed carefully throughout the process.

Due to the circulation of fraudulent auto warranties, the US administration created a law that is meant to protect consumers called the used car warranty law. This law is also known as the lemon law.

Posted on Thursday, January 9th, 2014 at 9:12 pm In Auto Warranty  

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