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Getting A Stylish Car That’s Inexpensive

images-3.jpgThanks to a poor economy, people are skipping the big purchases and becoming disciplined shoppers.  Instead of splurging on cars equipped with all of the gizmos, people are holding onto their current rides and purchasing used car warranties.  However, with some savvy buying tips, you can get a new car with great features.  Here’s how.

First of all, in order to splurge in the cabin, downgrade under the hood.  You can purchase a car with a smaller engine and still enjoy the interior upgrades.  For example, a Honda Accord that is top-of-the-line comes with heated seats, leather upholstery, dual climate control, and plenty of other comforts, all for $29,000.  However, instead of getting the V-6, you can get a four-cylinder for $3,000 less that will also allow you to save on gas.

Also, you can save by ordering options a la carte.  Many times, popular options, such as a sunroof or heated seats get bundled together into megapackages that has a lot of features you may not need or want to pay for.  So, shop around for cars with smaller packages, or just order the features you really want.

Finally, skip the options that are the most expensive.  Features such as entertainment and navigation systems can cost you an extra $2,000.  By purchasing a portable DVD player and navigation system you can spend less than $500 combined.

When purchasing a new car it is important to put your money towards necessary things, such as an auto warranty, safety features, and maintenance costs.  Pick your upgrades wisely to avoid going over your budget.

Posted on Saturday, November 6th, 2010 at 2:40 pm In Used Car Warranties  

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