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Life long warranty

An  Auto warranty is a service under which the car manufacturer promises to maintain and repair the car for free without charging any fee to the customer. Under US law, no product can be sold without a valid warranty. Any product, including cars, if sold without a warranty, amounts to breach of law. Therefore, at the time of purchasing the car, make sure the auto warranty is offered. There are three categories of auto warranty. They are new car warranty, used car warranty and lifelong warranty.
The new car warranty is given to brand new cars. The used car warranty is given to used cars or preowned cars. The used car warranty is also called as after-market auto warranty. When compared to the new car warranty, the price of the used car warranty is higher considering the age of the car and the risk of insuring it. The third category of the auto warranty, life long warranty, is essentially issued to luxury and high end cars. It is called as life long warranty since it covers the entire age of the car. It is also called as the bumper to bumper warranty since it takes care of the car end to end till it is scrapped.

What is Auto Warranty?

Any vehicle can have a breakdown anywhere and anytime. It can be a brand new car or a used one. It is simply impossible to be sure that the vehicle will not have a breakdown when you want it to be running smoothly. And with a breakdown there comes an unexpected usage of money. Then why not just have an auto warranty to save the cash. An auto warranty helps you to meet the unforeseen repairs whether you are in town, or the city or traveling on the highway. A normal auto warranty usually covers the regular wear and tear failures, hi-tech electrical equipments. But you also have the freedom to choose who will fix the vehicle and can opt for many other customized features.

Today it is extremely easy to find your car with an excellent auto warranty. Different companies offer different kinds of warranties. It all depends on the year of manufacturing, mileage, make and/or model of the vehicle. The Coverage varies from 3 months to 14 years and from 3,000 miles to 170,000 miles. No matter which option you choose, each of the warranties will give you all the benefits you want and need at an affordable price. And at just a cost of a few pennies you can easily save yourself from unexpected usage of cash that you have been saving for some other purpose. 

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Auto warranty refers to a specialized service delivered by the dealer in association with a third party vendor to maintain and repair the car for a period specified from the date of purchase. The auto warranty covers the repair and maintenance cost of the vehicle. However, it does not cover replacement of expensive spare parts of the vehicle.

There are two categories of auto warranties. They are fresh auto warranties, issued to brand new cars and after-market auto warranties, issued to used cars.
In fresh auto warranties, there are several packages. They are defined either on the basis of time or mileage covered by the vehicle. Under time-controlled warranty, the period can be between three months and three years from the date of purchase. Under mileage controlled auto warranty, it can be between 3000 miles to 30,000 miles, depending on the choice of the vehicle owner.
The auto warranty takes care of the drive train, power train, engine, brake mechanism and steering system under a normal package. There is another package called bumper-to-bumper auto warranty, which basically takes care of the entire car.
Review at least four packages from different third party vendors before arriving at a final choice. Always prefer a flexible package since it gives you the freedom of changing the agency.

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After-market auto warranty
Auto warranty refers to a service rendered by a dealer in association with a third party vendor to repair and maintain the vehicle for a specified period time. The warranty covers the repair and maintenance cost relating to engine, drive train, power train, brake mechanism and steering system. However, it does not cover the cost of replacing expensive spare parts. After-market auto warranty refers to the warranty extended to used cars.
The after-market auto warranty is different from the warranty offered to brand new cars. The after-market auto warranty is extended at the time of delivery of the used car from the auto mart. There are various after-market auto warranties available in the market. Normally, the dealer partners up with the third party vendor to offer the service.

There is a separate tariff package for each of the offers. The offers range between short duration to long duration. It also depends on the mileage covered by the vehicle. It is always good to opt for a flexible package, which covers all aspects of the vehicle. The most popular after-market auto warranty is the bumper-to-bumper package, which takes care of the entire car. The auto warranty can be compared to a life insurance package. Always review different packages of auto warranties before deciding on one.

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A warranty refers to a service provided by auto dealers to vehicles to maintain and repair them for a particular period from the date of sale. The auto warranty is extended by the dealers at the time of handing over the car to the vehicle owners. Normally, the dealers partner with a third party vendor for the service.
An auto warranty covers the cost of repairing and maintaining the vehicle. They include repairs of the drive train, power train, engine, power system, steering system and brake mechanism. The warranty period ranges between three months from the date of purchasing the car to three years. The auto warranty is also offered for the mileage covered by the car. It can be between 3,000 miles to 100,000 miles.
At the time of purchasing the vehicle, you have the liberty of choosing the auto warranty of your choice. The dealer has to at least provide you four different offers from different third party vendors. Review each of the auto warranties before settling on one. It is better if you start with a short duration warranty since it gives a lot of flexibility. In the case that you are not happy with the service provided by the auto warranty agency, you always have the freedom to change it.

The types of auto warranty that can cover your vehicle

When one thinks of the auto warranty, it is either the new car warranty that comes to mind or the extended warranty.  The new car warranty is the first warranty that any vehicle would ever carry – it is the warranty that comes from the manufacturer of the car or at least from the approved car dealership company (approved here simply means that the manufacturer would have given permission to the car dealer to sell on its behalf).  The new car warranty provides a range of coverage for your new vehicle that would be valid for a certain number of years.  New car warranties however specify that only the manufacture or the car dealership company or any listed auto repair shops approved by the dealer are allowed to service or perform repairs on your new vehicle.

The used auto warranty is a warranty that is not as comprehensive as the new car warranty, and it is usually valid for shorter time periods that the new car warranty is.  Extended warranties are best used in such cases to both extend the parts of the vehicle covered by the warranty and to lengthen the time period that the warranty would be valid for.

The reliability of online auto warranty reviews

Auto warranty reviews are important information for any prospective car owner or person looking to buy an auto warranty.  A review can give you an idea of the company that you are dealing with, their level of customer satisfaction and professionalism, their ability to repay a claim, or even appease your mind that they are indeed a legitimate company.


It is easiest to find auto warranty reviews over the Internet today.  Simply go on to any popular search engine and type in the keywords for auto warranty reviews.  Out of the sites that come up, you can decide for yourself those that are true and those that are not; which are actual reviews from real customers or which are nothing more than simply posted advertisements by the company.  A good indication of the level of professionalism by the company would be their marketing approach.   A highly professional company would be confident of their services and thus would be willing to spend money on proper campaigning and marketing strategies.

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Warranty refers to free maintenance service rendered by the car dealer up to a prescribed period from the date of sale. The warranty period could range between three months and three years depending on the choice of car owner. The duration of the warranty can also be decided on the basis of the miles covered by the vehicle.


Warranty takes care of the repair of cost of the vehicle if it suffers an engine or mechanical failure under the warranty period. However, new spare parts are not covered under the warranty.


Normally, repairs of engine train, power train, drive train, steering system, brake mechanism and others are undertaken under the warranty period. All these aspects are covered under a standard auto warranty.


There are three types of auto warranties . They are standard warranty, the middle segment warranty and the lifetime warranty. The middle segment warranty includes more features and additional coverage for the car.


The lifetime warranty is normally called ‘bumper-to-bumper’ auto warranty since it takes care of the entire car from the radiator to the boot space. Normally, ‘bumper-to-bumper’ auto warranty is expensive and costs more per year.


Make sure to read all the terms and services before choosing any warranty. Read between the lines and carefully select the auto warranty that will fit your needs since there are many features and services available.

Used car warranty law ensures protection against frauds


An Auto warranty is always a valuable and an indispensable part of purchasing a car. But if you are going to buy an older car, you should be extra careful regarding the auto warranty of that car. Remember that an impeccable auto warranty covers all the expenses regarding car maintenance and repairs. However, many sellers can be unscrupulous, promising you some awesome offers which in reality are absent. So when you have planned to buy a used car, you should take a serious look into the matters involving auto warranty. A law named as “used car warranty law” has been set up to protect the purchasers of used cars from the frauds that have spread in the market. The other name for the law is interesting- ‘Lemon Law’.

Under the used car warranty law, the sellers of used cars are obliged to offer the buyer covers for operational and mechanical repairs. This law provides the buyer a legal platform. It makes you secured when you are buying a used car. The Lemon Law makes the car dealer to repair any problems of the car sans charging the buyer. If the dealer fails to do so, the purchaser of the used car is entitled to obtain the entire refund of purchase price.

What you didn’t know about the aftermarket auto warranty

Most persons find themselves buying aftermarket auto warranty, or extended auto coverage, upon the insistence or suggestion of a car salesperson without asking or understanding what they are buying.  And most people fork out hundreds of dollars a year on aftermarket auto warranties with the expectation that it shields them from every single car problem under the sun without even understanding what they are spent their money on.  Then when the time comes to cash in on a claim, they find themselves being rejected by car dealers and service providers alike.  Why?

Aftermarket auto warranties basically come with two types of coverage programs under different plans to suit the service providers.  The two coverage types include mechanical auto coverage, which is the more popularly offered of the two warranties, and wear and tear auto coverage.  Mechanical coverage, also known as the bumper-to-bumper coverage, is usually the cheaper of the two coverage types, and covers everything in your car except the wear and tear damages.  This usually includes engine and transmission breakdowns.  But think about it – when was the last time your car gave problems?  And when was the last time before that?  Did anything ‘break’ in your car?  Eight out of ten times, it is the wear and tear in a car that gives the most problems, and which hurt your pockets the most.  It is therefore best to get an aftermarket auto warranty that includes both a mechanical warranty and a wear and tear warranty.

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