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Life long warranty

An  Auto warranty is a service under which the car manufacturer promises to maintain and repair the car for free without charging any fee to the customer. Under US law, no product can be sold without a valid warranty. Any product, including cars, if sold without a warranty, amounts to breach of law. Therefore, at the time of purchasing the car, make sure the auto warranty is offered. There are three categories of auto warranty. They are new car warranty, used car warranty and lifelong warranty.
The new car warranty is given to brand new cars. The used car warranty is given to used cars or preowned cars. The used car warranty is also called as after-market auto warranty. When compared to the new car warranty, the price of the used car warranty is higher considering the age of the car and the risk of insuring it. The third category of the auto warranty, life long warranty, is essentially issued to luxury and high end cars. It is called as life long warranty since it covers the entire age of the car. It is also called as the bumper to bumper warranty since it takes care of the car end to end till it is scrapped.

Buy the best

Auto warranty refers to a specialized service delivered by the dealer in association with a third party vendor to maintain and repair the car for a period specified from the date of purchase. The auto warranty covers the repair and maintenance cost of the vehicle. However, it does not cover replacement of expensive spare parts of the vehicle.

There are two categories of auto warranties. They are fresh auto warranties, issued to brand new cars and after-market auto warranties, issued to used cars.
In fresh auto warranties, there are several packages. They are defined either on the basis of time or mileage covered by the vehicle. Under time-controlled warranty, the period can be between three months and three years from the date of purchase. Under mileage controlled auto warranty, it can be between 3000 miles to 30,000 miles, depending on the choice of the vehicle owner.
The auto warranty takes care of the drive train, power train, engine, brake mechanism and steering system under a normal package. There is another package called bumper-to-bumper auto warranty, which basically takes care of the entire car.
Review at least four packages from different third party vendors before arriving at a final choice. Always prefer a flexible package since it gives you the freedom of changing the agency.

Opt flexible package

After-market auto warranty
Auto warranty refers to a service rendered by a dealer in association with a third party vendor to repair and maintain the vehicle for a specified period time. The warranty covers the repair and maintenance cost relating to engine, drive train, power train, brake mechanism and steering system. However, it does not cover the cost of replacing expensive spare parts. After-market auto warranty refers to the warranty extended to used cars.
The after-market auto warranty is different from the warranty offered to brand new cars. The after-market auto warranty is extended at the time of delivery of the used car from the auto mart. There are various after-market auto warranties available in the market. Normally, the dealer partners up with the third party vendor to offer the service.

There is a separate tariff package for each of the offers. The offers range between short duration to long duration. It also depends on the mileage covered by the vehicle. It is always good to opt for a flexible package, which covers all aspects of the vehicle. The most popular after-market auto warranty is the bumper-to-bumper package, which takes care of the entire car. The auto warranty can be compared to a life insurance package. Always review different packages of auto warranties before deciding on one.

The types of auto warranty that can cover your vehicle

When one thinks of the auto warranty, it is either the new car warranty that comes to mind or the extended warranty.  The new car warranty is the first warranty that any vehicle would ever carry – it is the warranty that comes from the manufacturer of the car or at least from the approved car dealership company (approved here simply means that the manufacturer would have given permission to the car dealer to sell on its behalf).  The new car warranty provides a range of coverage for your new vehicle that would be valid for a certain number of years.  New car warranties however specify that only the manufacture or the car dealership company or any listed auto repair shops approved by the dealer are allowed to service or perform repairs on your new vehicle.

The used auto warranty is a warranty that is not as comprehensive as the new car warranty, and it is usually valid for shorter time periods that the new car warranty is.  Extended warranties are best used in such cases to both extend the parts of the vehicle covered by the warranty and to lengthen the time period that the warranty would be valid for.

Auto warranty reviews for extended warranty providers

Auto warranty reviews mostly apply to aftermarket or extended warranties or service contracts.  This is because these are services that you must pay in addition to the cost of what you paid for your car.


Most auto warranty reviews would tell you if the company is one that honors its claims, or how common the occurrence of unpaid or unsettled claims within that company is.  It is very easy to become trapped in warranties that contain little clauses that may be intentionally included or excluded as the case might be just so that the company doesn’t stand responsible for the claims made against them.


Auto warranty reviews also provide you with guidelines that can assist and prevent you from investing in fraudulent warranty companies or companies that do not really offer you what they advertise.  Most people get tricked out of their money this way, for they invest in a warranty online that says one thing, but doesn’t clarify its statements and leaves you little room to realize that they are doing this.  Unfortunately you would find out the hard way if and when you do try to file a claim.

Let’s list the types of auto warranty that we can get for a vehicle

An auto warranty can take the form of a manufacturer’s warranty, a used car warranty, or an aftermarket auto warranty. A manufacturer’s warranty comes with the purchase of a new car and is included within the vehicle’s purchase price. In other words, you pay no additional costs for a manufacturer’s warranty or a new car warranty. Used cars on the other hand, may or may not carry used car warranties .

In some states it is the law to provide a used car warranty with all used cars sold. The law can vary from state to state however, so you need to check to see if you are entitled to the used-car warranty coverage with the purchase of your used car. Another type of auto warranty coverage thatr is optional is the  extended warranty or the aftermarket warranty. This warranty is one that can be used in conjunction with a new car warranty or a used car warranty to extend the time frame or total coverage of your vehicle.

An aftermarket warranty however is more of a service contract than a warranty agreement, meaning that you have to pay additionally for this coverage feature. A point of interest to remember though is that all cars are covered by an implied warranty unless specifically stated otherwise in a contractual auto warranty agreement that most dealers would provide in writing.

Too many auto warranty review sites!


There are a lot of auto warranty review sites online, and sometimes it could get very confusing and even difficult to determine which of those are authentic or offer the most accurate information.  To find a site that actually tells you how they review auto warranties is just as difficult.  Most reviews however, are done by customer polls and other such statistical methods.

Some auto warranty reviews are nothing more than advertisements for the warranty company under question, but it is important nonetheless to try to get a review for different warranty companies before you buy from one.  The more experienced you are at finding warranties and researching company backgrounds, then the less likely it is that you will wind up with a fraudulent warranty deal.

In addition to helping you determine the level of authenticity of a warranty company, auto warranty reviews can also provide helpful tips that you can use to land the perfect warranty deal.  And with the large amount of auto warranty review sites available on the internet, chances are high that for every one or two insincere sites that you do come across, you will come across at least five really good ones.

Tips to help you

Auto warranty is an important aspect of any vehicle. Never buy a vehicle, either used or brand new, without a valid auto warranty. Insist on a warranty from the dealer. While purchasing a used car, keep an eye out for a fraudulent auto warranty. Make the extra effort to ensure that you are buying a genuine auto warranty.

One important factor that has to be considered while selecting an auto warranty is a bumper-to-bumper package. Bumper-to-bumper coverage takes care of the entire cost, repairs and maintenance of the car in case of mechanical breakdown. However, this package is priced higher since the benefits are far greater.

If you find the bumper-to-bumper auto warranty to be too expensive, opt for flexible packages. However, any package should cover repairs and maintenance of crucial aspects like engine, transmission, brakes, drive axle, steering wheel and its accessories, power train, drive train, ignition and body.

Some warranty packages also come with free roadside assistance and towing service if the vehicle breaks down. It is always better to purchase a comprehensive package like bumper-to-bumper even if it is initially more costly.

Secure your car with extended car warranties!!!

The quality and reputation of an extended warranty company has a major role in getting our car insured. Generally, the two main parties who undertake the responsibility for extended car warranties are the insurance companies and the Risk Retention Groups (RRG).

It is always advisable to do a little bit of research about the company, which is going to insure the vehicle. Some of the important details, which should be well looked, include the present ratings of the insurance company, an oversight of its regulations, review about the company by past clients and its financial stability.

More stress should be laid on choosing an insurance company, which is rated among A-list by credit rating companies. Also, some other important factors, which should not be overlooked by a car owner is to include checking the compliance of an insurance company with government regulations. Insurance companies should have a steady record of submitting their annual financial reports with the government authority.

Most of the insurance companies seek to have business alliances with underwriting firms which have a considerable amount of experience in giving out car warranties rather than merging with RRG’s which are relatively new in the insurance industry and do not have much experience in giving extended car warranties.


In commercial terms, warranty stands for the undertaking of a product once consumers bring it into daily use. A used car warranty is an agreement between a dealer and consumer to help protect the used car buyer from additional repairs that maybe needed for their vehicle once it is purchased.
A car warranty is an essential investment that comes in real handy in the event of any breakdowns. It will save an individual from unnecessary expenses from getting the car repaired. Car warranties have now become an emerging business and many companies are making big fortune out of it.
An extensive research and comparisons between different companies is very essential before signing a contract with any company. It is advisable for a warranty buyer to check the original car warranty or if the extended warranty is still effective. A person should keep into consideration that terms and condition are provided to him in writing and the company has a good track record. It should offer wide coverage for the various parts of the vehicle that is transferable throughout the country. A car warranty is an expensive affair and the car- owner might be cheated in case he is not prudent enough. In order to keep your cars in good working condition and to save yourself from unexpected expenses it is essential for car owners to enroll themselves with the best possible warranty.

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