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Auto warranty refers to a specialized service delivered by the dealer in association with a third party vendor to maintain and repair the car for a period specified from the date of purchase. The auto warranty covers the repair and maintenance cost of the vehicle. However, it does not cover replacement of expensive spare parts of the vehicle.

There are two categories of auto warranties. They are fresh auto warranties, issued to brand new cars and after-market auto warranties, issued to used cars.
In fresh auto warranties, there are several packages. They are defined either on the basis of time or mileage covered by the vehicle. Under time-controlled warranty, the period can be between three months and three years from the date of purchase. Under mileage controlled auto warranty, it can be between 3000 miles to 30,000 miles, depending on the choice of the vehicle owner.
The auto warranty takes care of the drive train, power train, engine, brake mechanism and steering system under a normal package. There is another package called bumper-to-bumper auto warranty, which basically takes care of the entire car.
Review at least four packages from different third party vendors before arriving at a final choice. Always prefer a flexible package since it gives you the freedom of changing the agency.

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A warranty refers to a service provided by auto dealers to vehicles to maintain and repair them for a particular period from the date of sale. The auto warranty is extended by the dealers at the time of handing over the car to the vehicle owners. Normally, the dealers partner with a third party vendor for the service.
An auto warranty covers the cost of repairing and maintaining the vehicle. They include repairs of the drive train, power train, engine, power system, steering system and brake mechanism. The warranty period ranges between three months from the date of purchasing the car to three years. The auto warranty is also offered for the mileage covered by the car. It can be between 3,000 miles to 100,000 miles.
At the time of purchasing the vehicle, you have the liberty of choosing the auto warranty of your choice. The dealer has to at least provide you four different offers from different third party vendors. Review each of the auto warranties before settling on one. It is better if you start with a short duration warranty since it gives a lot of flexibility. In the case that you are not happy with the service provided by the auto warranty agency, you always have the freedom to change it.

Flexible options

Car warranty refers to a particular kind of service, which encapsulates the repair and maintenance cost of the vehicle. The car warranty is offered by the dealer in association with a third party vendor on an outsourced basis. All dealers are bound by law to offer a warranty. Any dealer, who fails to issue a warranty to the car, can be taken to court a deficient service.
There are flexible options for car warranties. There are two main categories of warranties. They include the original warranty for brand new cars and an after-market auto warranty for used cars. Both offer different types of services and the prices of the packages vary depending on the choice made by you.

Normally, a warranty covers the repairs and maintenance cost of the drive train, power train, engine, mechanical faults, braking system and power steering. However, the warranty does not cover the price of replacing expensive spare parts.
There is another category of car warranties. It is called the bumper-to-bumper warranty. It takes care of the entire car, almost equivalent to the life insurance of the car. Most car owners prefer this category since it is flexible. Review at least five packages from different service providers before selecting the package. Always choose a package that offers flexibility.

What is Auto Warranty?

Any vehicle whether it is a BMW or a Mercedes can breakdown at any given time. It is simply impossible to make sure that the vehicle will not have a breakdown when you want it to be running smoothly. Every vehicle repair will put a strain on your resources. Then why not have an auto warranty to save the cash? An auto warranty helps you with unforeseen repairs whether you are across town or across country. A normal auto warranty usually covers wear and tear failure, hi-tech electrical coverage, freedom to choose the mechanic and many other customized features.

Today it is extremely easy to find an excellent auto warranty for your car. Different companies offer different kind of warranties. It all depends on the year of manufacturing, mileage, make and/or model of the vehicle. The Coverage varies from 3 months to 14 years and from 3,000 miles to 170,000 miles. No matter which option you choose, each of our warranties will give you all the benefits you want and at an affordable price. And at just a cost of pennies you can easily save yourself from unexpected outflow of cash that you have been saving for some other purpose.

Saving with auto warranties


An Auto warranty is a very essential service for all vehicle owners. Just as important as it is to insure yourself in the event of a major emergency, it is just as important to have coverage for your vehicle in the case of an unexpected emergency.


Auto warranties can provide coverage to your vehicle for times of repairs – whether your vehicle has broken down or simply whether you took it in for a servicing.  Auto warranties are numerous, and so can the coverage that is provided by them.  For some auto warranties you would have to pay an additional cost for coverage (these are the extended warranties, also considered the equivalent of the warranty service contract), while some you are automatically covered for by state laws (lemon law and the limited law with specific reference to used cars) or by the vehicle manufacturers (new car warranties or manufacturer’s warranties).  Some warranties provide full coverage and others will only cover you for the basic packages (breakdown repairs versus wear and tear repairs, power train coverage versus bumper to bumper coverage).


Irregardless of the type of auto warranty that you have or whether or not you purchased yours, in the end, warranty coverage will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of repairs or replacements on your vehicle.

The reliability of online auto warranty reviews

Auto warranty reviews are important information for any prospective car owner or person looking to buy an auto warranty.  A review can give you an idea of the company that you are dealing with, their level of customer satisfaction and professionalism, their ability to repay a claim, or even appease your mind that they are indeed a legitimate company.


It is easiest to find auto warranty reviews over the Internet today.  Simply go on to any popular search engine and type in the keywords for auto warranty reviews.  Out of the sites that come up, you can decide for yourself those that are true and those that are not; which are actual reviews from real customers or which are nothing more than simply posted advertisements by the company.  A good indication of the level of professionalism by the company would be their marketing approach.   A highly professional company would be confident of their services and thus would be willing to spend money on proper campaigning and marketing strategies.

The risks of buying vehicles ‘as is’ – useful auto warranty tips


One of the best auto warranty tips that you will ever receive is undoubtedly this one: be aware that a vehicle for sale ‘as is’ means just that – as it is.  This means that the vehicle will be sold or bought without a warranty of any kind.  In the event that you come out lucky enough to find that the vehicle does have warranty, then you will be unable to dispute or query any claims or liabilities that may come as such.  This simply means that if your warranty states one thing but the dealer promises you another, then the written warranty stands over any other type of agreement.  Likewise, if you choose to buy a car without a warranty and you are promised accessories or repairs or whatever else you may agree upon with the salesperson, dealer or the current owner, if they choose not honor their word then you do not have any right of way in a courtroom. 


Any promises or assurances that you are given, make sure you obtain these in writing.  Make sure that you never fall victim to the ‘as is’ clause.

Too many auto warranty review sites!


There are a lot of auto warranty review sites online, and sometimes it could get very confusing and even difficult to determine which of those are authentic or offer the most accurate information.  To find a site that actually tells you how they review auto warranties is just as difficult.  Most reviews however, are done by customer polls and other such statistical methods.

Some auto warranty reviews are nothing more than advertisements for the warranty company under question, but it is important nonetheless to try to get a review for different warranty companies before you buy from one.  The more experienced you are at finding warranties and researching company backgrounds, then the less likely it is that you will wind up with a fraudulent warranty deal.

In addition to helping you determine the level of authenticity of a warranty company, auto warranty reviews can also provide helpful tips that you can use to land the perfect warranty deal.  And with the large amount of auto warranty review sites available on the internet, chances are high that for every one or two insincere sites that you do come across, you will come across at least five really good ones.

Review before selection

Auto warranty reviews refer to the exercise undertaken by the vehicle owner before choosing an appropriate auto warranty package. Auto warranty reviews are also undertaken by the vehicle owners at the time of purchasing a used car or when the original warranty expires.
Auto warranty reviews is a necessary exercise since it eliminates multiple risks. Firstly, car owners are able to spot a fraudulent warranty before they purchase it. It also assists in selecting a package that offers the optimum benefits to the car owners.

One can also go through a number of industrial publications that carry out auto warranty reviews before selecting a package. There are a number of publications that are available with the auto dealer or in the book stores on auto warranty reviews. These books have details of each package and the rates offered by various auto warranty companies on them.

It would be in the vehicle owners best interest to keep one such book on a permanent basis since it is very informative. Before purchasing an auto warranty from a dealer insist on receiving a review magazine. After going through the review magazine, you will be able to identify the auto warranty that suits you best. Auto warranty reviews are also available on the Internet.

Choose the best

Auto warranty refers to the service package offered by the car dealer in association with a local firm regarding maintenance and repairs of the car. This warranty comes for a limited period on distance covered by the vehicle. Usually, the warranty period comes with a minimum maintenance period of three years.

In case the car experiences a mechanical failure or engine breakdown, the warranty takes care of the costs involved in repairing them. However, the warranty does not cover the spare parts required to set the engine in condition. Normally, the auto warranty covers almost all the important features of a car like drive train, engine, power train, steering system and break mechanism.

Choose the auto warranty that offers maximum service. For instance, the most popular warranty package is the ‘bumper-to-bumper’ warranty, which covers the entire aspects of the car. Auto warranty is to car what life insurance is to human beings.

There are a number of companies engaged in auto warranty. Check with the car dealer on the packages of warranties available before accepting those offered at the time of purchasing the car.

In case, you are not satisfied with the service offered by the auto warranty firm, then the car owner has the freedom to choose another company.

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