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Can the FCC actually stop Auto Warranty robocalls

After two years of complaints about the intrusive auto warranty robocalls, the Federal Communications Commission is finally taking action.

Will it help, I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

The FCC says 10-12 individuals & companies, many of which are in California, are mostly responsible for these very annoying calls which try and confuse you by telling you your warranty is already expired and then connecting you with one of the telemarketing representatives. If they succeed and do get you connected many of the plans offered are scams.

The FCC is instructing phone companies to no longer carry these calls from these malicious telemarketers.

Is there a catch? Unfortunately yes. These telemarketers with robocallers have purchased hundreds of thousands of phone numbers so once one is identified as a spam number, making just switch to another one and continue to do so pretty much indefinitely.

Your best protection as a consumer is to make sure you thoroughly research any company you are considering purchasing coverage from. One of the highest rated companies in the industry is Auto Advantage who have been in business since 1979 and have an A+ rating and accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. You also want to make sure your number is listed on whatever Do Not Call Lists are available to you.

Life long warranty

An  Auto warranty is a service under which the car manufacturer promises to maintain and repair the car for free without charging any fee to the customer. Under US law, no product can be sold without a valid warranty. Any product, including cars, if sold without a warranty, amounts to breach of law. Therefore, at the time of purchasing the car, make sure the auto warranty is offered. There are three categories of auto warranty. They are new car warranty, used car warranty and lifelong warranty.
The new car warranty is given to brand new cars. The used car warranty is given to used cars or preowned cars. The used car warranty is also called as after-market auto warranty. When compared to the new car warranty, the price of the used car warranty is higher considering the age of the car and the risk of insuring it. The third category of the auto warranty, life long warranty, is essentially issued to luxury and high end cars. It is called as life long warranty since it covers the entire age of the car. It is also called as the bumper to bumper warranty since it takes care of the car end to end till it is scrapped.

What is Auto Warranty?

Any vehicle can have a breakdown anywhere and anytime. It can be a brand new car or a used one. It is simply impossible to be sure that the vehicle will not have a breakdown when you want it to be running smoothly. And with a breakdown there comes an unexpected usage of money. Then why not just have an auto warranty to save the cash. An auto warranty helps you to meet the unforeseen repairs whether you are in town, or the city or traveling on the highway. A normal auto warranty usually covers the regular wear and tear failures, hi-tech electrical equipments. But you also have the freedom to choose who will fix the vehicle and can opt for many other customized features.

Today it is extremely easy to find your car with an excellent auto warranty. Different companies offer different kinds of warranties. It all depends on the year of manufacturing, mileage, make and/or model of the vehicle. The Coverage varies from 3 months to 14 years and from 3,000 miles to 170,000 miles. No matter which option you choose, each of the warranties will give you all the benefits you want and need at an affordable price. And at just a cost of a few pennies you can easily save yourself from unexpected usage of cash that you have been saving for some other purpose. 

What is Auto Warranty?

Any vehicle whether it is a BMW or a Mercedes can breakdown at any given time. It is simply impossible to make sure that the vehicle will not have a breakdown when you want it to be running smoothly. Every vehicle repair will put a strain on your resources. Then why not have an auto warranty to save the cash? An auto warranty helps you with unforeseen repairs whether you are across town or across country. A normal auto warranty usually covers wear and tear failure, hi-tech electrical coverage, freedom to choose the mechanic and many other customized features.

Today it is extremely easy to find an excellent auto warranty for your car. Different companies offer different kind of warranties. It all depends on the year of manufacturing, mileage, make and/or model of the vehicle. The Coverage varies from 3 months to 14 years and from 3,000 miles to 170,000 miles. No matter which option you choose, each of our warranties will give you all the benefits you want and at an affordable price. And at just a cost of pennies you can easily save yourself from unexpected outflow of cash that you have been saving for some other purpose.

The types of auto warranty that can cover your vehicle

When one thinks of the auto warranty, it is either the new car warranty that comes to mind or the extended warranty.  The new car warranty is the first warranty that any vehicle would ever carry – it is the warranty that comes from the manufacturer of the car or at least from the approved car dealership company (approved here simply means that the manufacturer would have given permission to the car dealer to sell on its behalf).  The new car warranty provides a range of coverage for your new vehicle that would be valid for a certain number of years.  New car warranties however specify that only the manufacture or the car dealership company or any listed auto repair shops approved by the dealer are allowed to service or perform repairs on your new vehicle.

The used auto warranty is a warranty that is not as comprehensive as the new car warranty, and it is usually valid for shorter time periods that the new car warranty is.  Extended warranties are best used in such cases to both extend the parts of the vehicle covered by the warranty and to lengthen the time period that the warranty would be valid for.

Saving with auto warranties


An Auto warranty is a very essential service for all vehicle owners. Just as important as it is to insure yourself in the event of a major emergency, it is just as important to have coverage for your vehicle in the case of an unexpected emergency.


Auto warranties can provide coverage to your vehicle for times of repairs – whether your vehicle has broken down or simply whether you took it in for a servicing.  Auto warranties are numerous, and so can the coverage that is provided by them.  For some auto warranties you would have to pay an additional cost for coverage (these are the extended warranties, also considered the equivalent of the warranty service contract), while some you are automatically covered for by state laws (lemon law and the limited law with specific reference to used cars) or by the vehicle manufacturers (new car warranties or manufacturer’s warranties).  Some warranties provide full coverage and others will only cover you for the basic packages (breakdown repairs versus wear and tear repairs, power train coverage versus bumper to bumper coverage).


Irregardless of the type of auto warranty that you have or whether or not you purchased yours, in the end, warranty coverage will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of repairs or replacements on your vehicle.

Securing a good Auto Warranty

Getting an auto warranty is not that simple as it sounds. In a recent study conducted by leading automobile industry analysts, it was found that consumers don’t have the basic information on how to select a good auto warranty deal. Therefore, individuals should be cautious while purchasing a warranty.
An auto warranty provides a guarantee to a customer when he purchases a car. This guarantee provides coverage for servicing the car in case of damages incurred within the warranty period. However, while purchasing the warranty, three important issues have to be kept in mind. First is the period of the warranty. Usually an auto warranty is offered for a period of two to five years, depending on the brand of the car that you purchase.
Second, one should keep in mind the services that are going to be provided along with the warranty. Services, such as regular check-up, replacement of default parts and availability of accessories should be provided along with the warranty. Only then is the warranty really going to benefit you. Last and the most important factor to be kept in mind is the dealer. The dealer should have a license to provide the warranty. Keeping these tips in mind you can get the best auto warranty deal.

Auto warranty tips

Any vehicle user should keep an eye out for auto warranty tips, because they prove to be very helpful. You may research car magazines, websites and newspapers for such tips. But the latest updates on auto warranties are available on the Internet. The internet can  provide you the exact information that you are looking for. 

Auto warranty tips help you locate the best warranty options for your car. Auto warranties also provide you substantial information on the best deals for labor costs, repair work or the cost of accessories. Even, the owners of motorcycles can get useful and important updates and information through these online auto warranty tips.
If you want information or a price comparison on multiple auto warranties available in the market, then you should definitely research these auto warranty tips. Also, for extended warranties, roadside assistance programs or other related warranty news, auto warranty tips are a great resource. Since these are all available online, it is just a click away. It helps you stay ahead and updated in the vehicle market and also assists you to make the right decision for your car.

Auto warranty reviews

Auto warranty is a crucial component in the automobile industry. There are primarily two types of auto warranties. One is usually provided by the manufacturer and the other can be purchased from a vehicle dealer or the third party vendors. These are called extended auto warranties. But it may not be required if you change your car every 3 to 4 years.

The auto warranties usually adhere to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Facts for Consumers. They ensure that the customers are not harassed or duped by these companies. If required the customers may file a suit against such companies. The auto warranties if purchased from the dealer have no waiting period and start the moment you purchase your vehicle. In some cases one can customize the warranties. It can suit one’s need and budget. A lower premium can be set if required, subject to a few alterations to the policy.     

The auto warranty coverage ranges from $500 to $1000 and can be extended for 10 years. The comprehensive coverage can be taken on a vehicle subject to a certain predetermined miles on the odometer. Also, with this coverage, the vehicle can also be sold at a good price. The warranty can also be transferred and the resale value that can be expected is about 15% to 25% higher than the normal vehicles, without any warranty. Auto warranties are a must for all vehicle owners for a safe and secure journey

A Family Choice, SUVs or Minivans?

Is the style of your car most important? Or is mileage a concern for you? Do you prefer a car with spacious room? The towing capability of a car? Safety? These questions pop up when people consider buying a new family car. For most people who want a spacious family automobile there are two choices of automobiles. One is a sport utility vehicle (SUV) and the other is a minivan.

While SUV’s are more eye appealing than a minivan, a minivan is slightly safer, having a lower risk of rollover than SUV’s. In terms of passenger and cargo space, both are almost the same although young kids may prefer minivans due to more spacious interiors and larger windows for a better view. Due to the characteristics of each vehicle, minivans tend to run more miles per gallon than SUV’s do.  But one must also consider the towing capabilities of the SUV ranging from a small boat to a trailer.

Picking the right vehicle, you should discuss the preferences of both you and your spouse if you are going to be sharing the car. Not to forget to consider the opinions of your kids as they might have their own preferences too.

Once you’re done considering all the pros and cons of each cara do not forget to purchase an aftermarket auto warranty. Aftermarket warranties will only assure your family of long term benefits.

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