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Understanding the new car warranty is the only way to reap its benefits

In many states the provision of a new car warranty with any new car purchase is the law, a lot of prospective new car buyers pay little or no attention to the new car warranty during the purchasing transactions.  They take it for granted that they have received a new car warranty, and even more dangerous, they simply assume that this means that all repairs or part replacements on the car is covered as part of the warranty.

Far from the case, the new car warranty can only benefit the new car owner who understands the new car warranty and how to use it.  It is simply not a ‘go free’ card that is meant to cover the cost of all your repairs for as long as the warranty says it’s valid.  On the other hand, the new car warranty usually comprises of several sections, all with stipulations and guidelines regarding what you are and are not entitled to as the holder of this warranty.  The warranty may, for example, state that its coverage is for a total of five years, and you may well assume you are covered for all of this period.  However, on closer examination, you will find that the basic coverage may only have been valid for three years – the other two would be engine coverage alone. 

Evaluating the coverage to be gained from a new car warranty

Typically, the used car warranty comprises of more than one type of warranty coverage, all of which are issued or generated by the manufacturer of the vehicle or by an independent dealer with authorization from the car manufacturer.

One of the primary coverage type provided by all new car warranties is the basic coverage warranty.  This warranty covers every part of the vehicle except those parts of the new vehicle which are subject to regular wear and tear damages associated with common or daily use of the vehicle.  Note that some basic warranties may be more basic than others, so that not really all parts which are assumed to be covered under this provision are really covered.  For your own gain, it is important that you read the buyer’s guide carefully upon purchasing the vehicle to ensure that these points are clear in your own mind’s eye.

Another popular warranty coverage included within the new car warranty is the drive train warranty, also known as the power train warranty.  It is simply described as that which provides coverage for all the parts of the vehicle which are responsible for its motion (includes engine and axles, for instance).  Clear differentiations however are also made as it relates to this coverage since wear and tear damages are not covered.

How can your new car warranty help you?


Are you in dismay because your new car has suddenly developed an engine problem only six months after purchasing it?  Or probably you have only just started to notice certain kinks in your new car that were not there a few months ago.  I agree that these are indeed good cause for concern – but not if you have your new car warranty at hand.

The new car warranty should be able to cover the cost of repairs or replacement for your new car according to its stipulations so that you do not have to worry about this yourself.  All new car warranties should give you at least one year of coverage – some warranty coverage could extend from two years to even five years.  But regardless of the time limit on your coverage, you can be assured that at least the first year after purchase is covered by your new car warranty. 

Do not jump for joy yet, some warranties would provide full coverage while others would provide only limited coverage.  Also, some warranties could even specify the type of coverage that the new owner would be entitled to.  So before you start to fuss about which mechanic should do your repairs, check your new car warranty to confirm whether or not the type of repair that you require is covered – and if it is then take your car directly to the authorized car dealer for servicing and repairs.

Types of coverage features associated with the new car warranty

The new car warranty is an important fact in the new car purchase.  It is basically the manufacturer’s way of assuring that the vehicle would perform as they say it should.  The warranty itself could provide one of a number of types of coverage.

One of the best coverage that you could get with your new car warranty is the bumper-to-bumper warranty.  This type of warranty provides coverage for all the parts of the car excluding those that are susceptible to wear and tear damages.  The wear and tear coverage feature is another type of warranty coverage altogether – it covers all the parts of the car that may need replacing due to wear and tear damages.  The general difference between these two types of warranty is that the bumper-to-bumper coverage facilitates the repair of the damaged parts while the wear and tear warranty facilitates the replacement of worn out parts that may be of no further use to the vehicle.
The new car warranty coverage could also include a power train coverage feature.  This type of warranty covers the major parts of the car, which are usually the most costly to repair or replace.  Such parts would normally include the engine, transmission and suspension of the new vehicle.

New car warranty

Purchasing a new car is probably the biggest investment that any individual would make in his entire life after the purchase of a property. It is therefore a good idea for the person considering this purchase to review carefully the benefits associated with the deals offered by different dealers and manufacturers alike – the new car warranty included.

The new car warranty is one of the biggest bargaining tools that any dealer would attempt to use on you. But do not be easily fooled – the new car warranty is something that you are entitled to with your new car purchase. So when the dealer tries to impress you with the inclusion of a new car warranty free of charge, do not fall easy prey.

You won’t lose with the new car warranty is the terms and conditions of the new car warranty. The warranty may cover your new vehicle up to a certain amount of years, or it may cover the vehicle for a specified amount of miles covered. Some warranties offer coverage up to which ever comes first. Consider which is better for you, and negotiate carefully – if you plan to use your vehicle to cover large distances, you should try to negotiate for the time-frame coverage instead.

Simply the best

Auto warranty is a service offered by the dealer to maintain and repair the vehicle for a specified period of time. The warranty covers the drive train, power train, steering mechanism and brake system. However, the warranty does not cover the replacement of expensive spare parts. There are two categories of warranty. The warranty is issued to brand new cars are referred to as new car warranty. The warranty issued to used cars is called aftermarket auto warranty.

The warranty period depends on the age of the car and the distance covered by it. If you want an age specific warranty, it is available between three months and three years. If you want a warranty, which is based on the distance covered by the car, it is available in the range of 3,000 miles to 30,000 miles. To begin with, it is better to go for a short duration warranty. In case, you are not satisfied with the service, you can change it.
Before finalizing a new car warranty, evaluate at least five offers from different agencies. It is better to opt for bumper-to-bumper warranty. It takes care of the entire car for the specified period of time. Consult the dealer before buying the warranty.

New car warranty considerations when purchasing your new vehicle

The new car warranty is perhaps one of the more important assets that a new car owner should own.  Also known as the manufacturer’s warranty (because it is generated by the vehicle manufacturer or a specific dealer authorized by the manufacturer), the new car warranty provides such guarantee as coverage for certain parts of the vehicle in the instance of breakdowns, services and repairs.

Not all new car warranties are the same.  Both types of coverage provided and the limitations of the coverage can vary from one warranty provider to another.  One general rule is that all new car warranties must be provided once a new car is being purchased, inclusive within the final purchase price of the vehicle.
The new car warranty generally covers a new vehicle for up to five years, but you may get warranties which start from as low as two years of coverage.  Additionally, some warranties may include a mileage limitation that makes the warranty void if you cover a certain amount of miles before your warranty time coverage is up.  The coverage itself of the new car warranty can vary from anything between limited coverage to full coverage – it is important that you make no assumptions with your warranty.  Find out exactly what you are and are not covered for.

New car warranty, a mark of quality

When you buy a new car the manufacturer gives you a warranty for various parts of the cars. The new car warranty covers 3 years or 36,000 miles whichever is earlier. By giving the warranty the manufacturer guarantees that you do not have to shell money out of your pocket on the repairs. You can be sit back, relax, and enjoy the comforts of your new car. You can easily get compensation from your car manufacturer incase of a car breakdown due to engine or any other part failure in the first three years. Some car dealers provide a warranty for a shorter period of ninety days or less.

The new car warranty may cover all the parts of the new car. In case of a defect in any of the parts the dealer who has given the warranty for the car will pay up for the repair costs incurred. It is a deal between the car owner and the dealer regarding the quality of the parts of the car. The new car warranty is similar to insurance policies that provide coverage for your losses. One can select from various warranties available with the dealer. You should choose the one that suits you most appropriately.


Take your time; ask questions; do not regret later – the new car warranty

The new car warranty is one of the most convenient assets that the new car owner, especially the first time car owner, could ever have.  It is designed to assist the new car owner with repairs and maintenance of the new car – a big help especially to the first time owner who may have taken a loan to be able to buy the car in the first place. 

Of the things to remember with a new car warranty however, is that your warranty coverage for every detail on your car is not always covered. Make sure you ask questions about your new car warranty before signing papers, even if you think that the question is irrelevant.  Make sure you understand exactly what the car dealer is selling you, and do not let him awe you with his big words and technical terms.  The best way to do this is to research different aspects of the car purchase before you go in to a car dealer, including your new car warranty options.  And remember, even if you are not paying for it, you are paying quite a fortune for the car, so make sure that you are happy with what you are getting first.  

Buying a new car made easy!!

The automobile industry is growing at a rapid rate. Deciding upon which type of car to buy can be really difficult for a person to decide on. In addition, the formalities and the complex procedures related to buying a new car such as a warranty of a new car can further aggravate one’s confusion.
A warranty can be assumed as a legal promise made by the manufacturers of the car to the customer, that in the event of failure in a car’s performance, they will provide the necessary coverage. There are various forms of warranties given out by an automobile manufacturing company such as a basic warranty, which covers the normal wear and tear of a car during its course. Also, there is a drive train warranty, which insures the car including its internal mechanical parts. But, these types of warranties typically are not given at the time of purchase of the new car, and the customer usually has to apply for it. Apart from these, some companies also offer warranties against rust and also roadside assistance. But, at the end of the day, the final decision rests with the customer concerning what sort of a warranty will best suit their needs.

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