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Used car warranty law – Worry not, law is the jacket to protect you


For those who are interested in owning a car or any four-wheel drive but can’t afford to go in for a new one, they can always buy a used car. But the key point to be noted here is that the manufacturer must follow the used car warranty law and do the needful. This will also help the buyer in case of any failures or problems with the vehicle as the manufacturer is liable to service the same. Once the legal documents have been filed and completed, make sure to carry a copy of the same at all times. The warranty is basically a way of getting free repairs for a certain period of time from the date of purchase.


In case the dealer or the person from whom you are buying the car does not follow the used car warranty laws, you can take them to court. This law has been laid down for the benefit of the buyers, to protect them any kind of fraud and against any issues that might arise due to previous owner’s fault. Any mechanical faults arising in the car will be the responsibility of the manufacturer and he need to fix them.

Used car warranty law- Prevent any unpleasant surprises

Once a person decides to get his own vehicle, the first option is a four-wheel drive, and it’s not always that they have enough funding for a new car. At times like this used cars are the best alternative as the buyer gets to choose from a range of cars in good running condition. Not only this but the dealers need to abide by the used car warranty law and provide the necessary documents on sale. Warranty is a document entitling the buyer to get free repair or service or replacement for the product purchased within a stipulated period. This time varies with companies but it gives a reassurance to the buyer that he can get the repair done free of cost during initial years.

The used car warranty law also referred to as the Lemon law is specifically for coverage of any fault in the mechanical or engine related defects. The dealer therefore needs to adhere to this law and do repair free of cost and if he refuses, the buyer can take legal action against him. It is important that customers hold a copy of the law document to be aware of what they are eligible for.

Buyer beware is all that needs to be said

When the decision has been made to purchase a car, be it a new one or a used car, there are certain formalities to be completed and paper work to be filed. The most essential of it all is to approach the kind of place for the purchase. This will ensure that the quality of cars on display is good, and the papers are all in order. The used car warranty law is applicable during such transactions to protect the interest of the buyers. One way is to approach a car dealer and look around the lot for that car of your choice, another alternative being to spread the word around among friends and colleagues. The former is used as the time factor is lesser and exchange is carried out by a reputed agent.
While talking about used car warranty law, the registration document of the vehicle should be transferred to the new buyer. The manufacturers warranty will still be in effect in some cases and there in a coverage fee might have to be paid by the buyer. At times the seller or agent might be willing to take on that charge, which makes it easy for the buyer.

Points to Consider Before Buying A Used Car Warranty

Having a used car warranty has a lot of advantages for vehicle owners. Cars do require more repairs and replacements with increased usage and while a used car warranty will not cover all the costs that you might incur, it will still save you from shelling out as much money as you would end up paying if you do not have a warranty of any sort.

However, as far as used car warranties are concerned, it is not a one size fits all scene, and it is important that you keep the following points in mind in order to get the best warranty for your car:

  • What is covered by the warranty? Is it a bumper to bumper warranty, powertrain, component or other kind of warranty? Is it enough for your needs or do you need a more comprehensive coverage?
  • The reputation of the company and how it works. There are a number of companies which are in the market solely for making money. Make sure that you do not get caught in their trap.
  • Do not take the first deal that you get. It is advised that you get as many quotes as possible and do some comparison shopping before buying a used car warranty.

Why A Good Warranty is Required for a Used Car

Having a used car warranty is more important than having any kind of warranty on a new car because like all machines, your car will also start developing problems with increase in age and usage. While a new car would hardly ask for repairs or replacements, they would become a regular feature of car care as your car crosses the age of three. Therefore, it is not only important that you buy a warranty for your used car, but that you get one after careful consideration.
One of the most important things to consider before buying a used car warranty is the coverage that the warranty provides. Check out what is covered and what is not covered in your warranty. Buying a cheap warranty and then paying for everything out of your pocket hardly makes sense, does it? Buy a costlier warranty but one that covers all the components that might require repair or replacement. While warranties that cover wear and tear related repairs are very costly, you should at least buy a warranty that covers the power train and components. Getting a bumper to bumper warranty for you used car is a good idea, since you might be required to replace or repair a number of components in an old car.

Opt for genuine warranty

Used car warranty refers to an assurance given by vehicle manufacturers in association with dealers under which faulty spare parts are replaced within a specified period of time. The warranty period is decided by the car manufacturer for new car warranties. However, in the case of warranty for used cars, the period can be fixed by the vehicle owner. The period will be worked out by the agency in association with the vehicle owner.

The used car warranty, also called as after-market auto warranty, is priced higher when compared to new car warranty. This is so because the risks of servicing an aged car are greater when compared to a new car. As a consequence of this, a number of fraudulent warranties, with empty promises are in circulation. While purchasing a used car warranty, exert utmost care. Always opt for a genuine warranty. It is advisable to consult an expert before obtaining the warranty.

The US government has evolved a special law to protect car owners from falling prey to fraudulent used car warranties. This law is also called as lemon law. Review at least five different warranty offers from agencies before selecting one. Insist for various warranty offers with the dealer since it is your right.

Warranty for pre-owned cars

Warranty is an assured service under which a company promises to replace a product or its part if found defective during a particular period of time from the date of its sale. Normally, the warranty period is in place between two to three years depending on the product. All consumer products have a warranty. Even cars and vehicles have a warranty. There are two types of auto warranty. They are after-market auto warranty and new car warranty.
After-market auto warranty refers to warranty issued to pre-owned cars or used cars. New car warranty refers to warranty issued to brand new cars. The warranty is extended by the car manufacturer in association with the auto dealer. However, some expensive spare parts are not covered under warranty for replacement. Besides, spares parts or accessories of the vehicles that are damaged due to accidents are also not eligible for replacement under warranty. Only if it is a genuine manufacturing defect, the spare part will be replaced under the warranty.

The after-market auto warranty is extended on the basis of distance covered by the vehicle. It could be upto 30,000 kilometers from the date of sale. It could also be against time. For instance, the warranty period will be in existence for up to two years from the date of sale.

Warranty against loss

All products sold to consumers are covered by a scheme under which the manufacturer promises replacement of faulty spare parts or the entire product. The scheme is called warranty. The replacement of the faulty product will be done only if the defect is detected within the warranty period specified. The warranty period ranges between two to three years depending on the product. The warranty is also extended to cars in two formats. The first fort is new car warranty and the second warranty is called used car warranty. It is basically a warranty against loss.

New car warranty means warranty issued to brand new cars and used car warranty means warranty issued to pre-owned cars. The used car warranty is also called as after-market warranty. Used car warranty is costlier when compared to new car warranty since the risks are greater. A factor going against the used car is its extensive prior use. The services and features offered under used car warranty are less when compared to a new car warranty.

It is better to consult a warranty expert before purchasing a used car warranty since the circulation of fraudulent warranty is more in the market. Review at least five different warranty offers before finalizing the deal with the agency.

The Importance of Getting A Used Car Warranty With A Used Vehicle Purchase

Most of us spend some time inspecting the vehicle before buying an old or second hand car. However, hardly anybody pays much attention to the used car warranty that is supposed to accompany the car. This is because most people are unaware of the fact that a used car dealer should provide the car’s warranty papers for scrutiny at the time of sale. Many people also do not consider it very important.

However, checking the warranty on a used car is extremely important because of a number of reasons. For one, the warranty documents serve as a guarantee that the car is in decent shape and even if it breaks down, then the new owner will not have to shell out unwarranted sums of money for its repair. Therefore, a used car with a warranty is always better than a car without one. On the other hand, a used car is much more susceptible to damage and defects arising out of wear and tear. As a car gains in years, a number of parts need to be replaced or serviced regularly in order to keep the vehicle in good working condition, and it is extremely important at this stage to have a used car warranty that pays at least part of , if not the full amount of repairs and replacements.

Get An Aftermarket Warranty that Covers Wear and Tear

Most people do shell out a substantial sum of money in order to get an aftermarket auto warranty or an extended warranty on their vehicles. This is a warranty that comes into play when the original warranty on your vehicle expires. Once you buy an after market auto warranty for your vehicle, then the bills for repairs and changed parts will be paid by your warranty provider. However, there is a major catch involved here that everyone who has or is planning to buy an aftermarket auto warranty should know about.

An aftermarket auto warranty, like most new car or dealer warranties, does not generally cover expenses and repairs related to wear and tear. So while an after market bumper to bumper warranty will take care of the expenses incurred on repairs and changes done to almost all the parts of your vehicle, it will still not cover your tyres and brakes etcetera. However, there are some companies that do provide warranty on wear and tear parts also, and it is advised that you go for a warranty that covers wear and tear parts even if it is much costlier than a regular mechanical warranty. This is because almost eighty per cent of all your repair charges are incurred due to wear and tear problems, and on an old car, you will definitely save a lot of money with this kind of a comprehensive warranty.

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