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Archive for March 19th, 2009

A New Solution To Parallel Parking

It is apparent that Ford is looking to give its buyers an assist, at least the consumers purchasing a 2010 Lincoln MKS or MKT.  In mid-year 2009, these vehicles are going to come equipped with the Active Park Assist system, which literally will parallel park the car automatically.  Ford’s MKT is a brand new crossover […]

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High-Tech Gadgets To Look For

More and more cars are being loaded with high-tech advances.  In fact, some luxury car models have up to 80 switches and knobs to allow for advanced safety and comfort of motorists.  Yet, there are more high-tech gadgets coming onto the market.
Soon there will be sign recognition systems that will be able to read wrong-way […]

Have You Ever Seen A Flying Car?

Way back when the Jetsons captured the imaginations of millions on TV, people have had dreams of using flying cars for their daily transportation.  However, there hasn’t ever been anything in real life that could even come close to flying cars-until now.  In Massachusetts, Terrafugia built the Transition, which took off during the official launch […]

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