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Extended Warranty Meets Extended Repair Service

Automobile Repair Locations With Extended Hours

A new and relieving trend in automobile care that has repair shops staying open later and welcoming customers after traditional hours has been initiated by a particular chain of auto mechanic locations. Automotive Digest’ online publication highlights All Night Auto’s attempt to service the public who has difficulty making an appointment within the typical working day. It’s likely that All Night Auto’s encouragement of extended hours will pursuade other repair locations to follow their lead while vehicle consumers hope for it.

What does this mean for an extended warranty? Will warranty providers team up with an extended hour mechanic shop in the near future? Perhaps negotiations are already underway. It only makes sense as millions of citizens rwho ely on a vehicle in proper condition for transportation can’t expect a malfunction to occur within a limited timeframe. The advent of extended auto repair locations may turn out a new trend in extended warranty coverage – one that enables a car owner to seek repairs at all hours.

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Posted on Thursday, September 7th, 2006 at 4:25 am In Auto Warranty  

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