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Innovative Strategies For Safer Automotive Travel

Ford�s Seat Belt Redesign

Auto manufacturers know that drivers put safety as highest priority these days. The busier the highways and interstates become and the larger cities grow the more traffic becomes a daily hazard. Automotive accidents and damage is inevitable in America’s high percentage of daily commuters using personal vehicles. With auto manufacturing’s drive for safety innovation and extended warranty coverage, the picture of daily travel is rapidly changing.

The driver with safety as their highest priority knows that it is in their best interest to prepare for an incident. A sudden collision or mechanical failure will increase chances for serious physical endangerment. Along with better safety features, an extended warranty can also be a protective measure that is in the hands of the driver. Auto manufacturers are hard at work innovating, as Ford’s new seat belt concept proves, but there are responsibilities still left to the car owner and drivers. Just as it is the choice of a car buyer the extent of safety features to purchase, it is also a car buyer’s choice to invest in an extended warranty on the vehicle of interest to maintain assurance of car care.

Posted on Monday, September 18th, 2006 at 6:16 am In Auto Warranty  

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