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�07 Looms Over Troubled Auto World

Automobile Manufacturers Take Their Chances

No one can argue that 2007 is a crucial year for the automotive world. Recent recalls, fuel crises, and desperate public relations incidences coming from some of the top vehicle makers has left the manufacturers auto manufacturingstruggling to make up for lost public loyalty. It’s going to be a year to watch what models make it and what manufacturers continue a downward decline.

The effects of 2007’s automobile manufacturing luck or lack thereof will also play a pivotal role in the warranty division of the sector. Factory warranties will be an incentive for car buyers, but will they be as thorough as other warranty providers are able to offer? As always with a fickle industry, one can only watch and see, and rely on the extended warranty services recommendes through reputation.

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Posted on Monday, September 25th, 2006 at 5:26 am In Auto Warranty  

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