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Global Competition Increases in the Auto World

US Auto Makers Encouraged To Approach like Asian Competitors

The global competition fury between the United States’ automobile manufacturers and Asian-based industries rages enough without the recent concern over fuel asian carefficiency and gas prices. Now statistics are showing that a race between automakers at home and abroad is being overtaken by economic common sense, replacing former priorities of luxury, design, and status. Of course gas costs have always been a factor in the competition but the world is at a place with oil that is unforgiving for America’s producers of gas guzzlers and fuel chuggers.

The wake up call is in the numbers. Americans are simply forced to be more economic with car choices and Asia provides more practicality in their design. While US auto makers are striving to hang in there by reporting intensive research on manufacturing large vehicles with better fuel economy, Asia has the vehicle market’s allegiance. In the meantime, if the top US auto makers can master the large consumer car that cuts back significantly on pump cost, then watch out Asia as America closes in.

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Posted on Wednesday, September 27th, 2006 at 5:04 am In Auto Warranty  

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