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GM Offers 2007 Trucks at 2006 Pricing

Translation: A Full-Sized Vehicle Purchase Deal

If there’s one way to battle difficult times for your automotive company, it’s to strike GM Trucka sweet-sounding deal with your patrons. GM is doing just that as it announces that its 2007 line of full-sized pick-up trucks will go for no more than the 2006 line. Without getting nit-picky about pricing details and the amount of difference in this year’s line over lasts, the offer will sound nice to customers looking to purchase a truck.

While car owners and intentional buyers are getting excited about the prospect of a great buying year, GM’s offer is another example of how American auto manufacturers are being forced to compete with high fuel prices and increasingly popular foreign models. This is surely prime time to invest in your vehicle’s long-term lasting ability. When car makers offer deals and incentives to the extend that they are currently, it means the bottom line is car ownership is more expensive than ever and the public is pressured to place new vehicle buying as a lower priority. An extended warranty on your automobile can keep you from having to return to the lot sooner than your wallet expects or allows.

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Posted on Thursday, September 28th, 2006 at 4:37 am In Auto Warranty  

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