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The Potential Joining of GM and Ford Auto Makers

When Two Giant Automobile Manufacturers Become One

What would the world do if GM and Ford became a single company? Probably treat it like any other American automobile manufacturing company. So what is so exciting about the potential alliance of two of the major automotive players? Quite a auto alliancebit, if you’re at all involved with auto industry news. The prospect of GM and Ford putting their two experienced and highly influential automotive companies together is really more of a risky business concern than a question of “what will this do for the auto industry?”

The automobile industry would certainly feel the effect of the two giants’ merger, but no one would be more affected than if GM and Ford were to join only to have the partnership be a failure. Many large companies have embarked on the mission to unite with hopes of knocking out the market share mostly by combining solid reputation to watch the result of the merger unexpectedly crumble to below what each business had attained on their own. Reports of a possible merging of GM and Ford are highly interesting because the auto world would be waiting with held breath to see if it turns out successful or a flop. In the meantime, if it’s publicity the two corporations are looking for, they’ve succeeded at that.

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Posted on Friday, September 29th, 2006 at 6:15 am In Auto Warranty  

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