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A flexible warranty

A warranty is a repair and maintenance service provided by a product manufacturer for a period of time as per rules. The warranty is necessitated to protect the interest of customers. All consumer oriented goods carry a warranty. Under US law, selling a consumer product without an appropriate warranty, amounts to unethical business practice. The warranty is issued by the dealer in association with the product manufacturer. The warranty is issued to all categories of products, including automobiles. The warranty issued to automobiles is called auto warranty. Opt for a flexible warranty.
The auto warranty period ranges between three months and three years depending on the requirement of the car owner. Some long-term auto warranty promises plenty of features. It is advisable that motorists go in for a short-term warranty to begin with. This helps the car owner in changing the service provider if the warranty is not satisfactory. Therefore, opt for a flexible warranty to begin with. If you find it difficult to select an auto warranty, it is suggested that you hire the services of a professional auto consultant. Those not aware of the rules governing warranty are also advised to hire auto consultants.

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