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Car Expenses To Consider When Buying A New Car

images-17.jpgOften motorist get sticker shock or experience buyer’s remorse after buying a new car.  However, you can avoid this by considering the expenses that you will encounter in the future.

According to experts, most consumers anticipate the price of the purchase, registration and taxes.  However, many people forget to factor in the price of insurance and new car warranties.  Fortunately, by doing your homework you can get good deals on insurance and an auto warranty.

To control car costs drivers should consider these tips.  First of all, decide before you get to the dealership the amount of money that you can spend.  Also, decide on what type of car will suit your needs. It is also beneficial to get quotes from several dealers, because then you are in the position to negotiate.  Finally, check insurance and auto warranty prices on the vehicle that you want to purchase.

You don’t have to go broke purchasing a new car.  But, be smart and consider all of the costs involved.  It isn’t just the purchase price that you will be paying.

Posted on Saturday, February 19th, 2011 at 6:42 pm In Auto Warranty  

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