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Auto warranty is given to the car owner by the manufacturer of the vehicle to maintain and repair the vehicle from the time of its purchase from the showroom. The auto dealer on behalf of the manufacturer of the vehicle makes a promise to the customers that if any real manufacturing default detected in the vehicle then that part will be replaced and the repairing cost as well as maintenance cost will be borne by the dealers.  The main motive to launch this service countrywide in US is to guard the interest of the customers.

When you select an auto warranty you are advised to choose a bumper to bumper warranty. It will give and ensure of the whole vehicle’s care and maintenance for the given time period. Apart from usual features in the warranty there are many extra features falls under all round warranty. The owner of the car is responsible for the maintenance of the power train, engine, drive train, and brake mechanism. If you keep it at one side, there are much more responsibilities borne up by the owners of the car. All round warranty is also known as comprehensive warranty; this warranty is quite expensive than other warranties.

Posted on Monday, December 31st, 2007 at 2:32 pm In Auto Warranty  

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