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A Warranty is very important for the car. The manufacturers of the car issue the warranty to the customers. Under the warranty period it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to handle the cost of the repair or maintenance or replacement of any type of spare parts. Warranty is given to the owner of the car by the manufacturer of the product to provide them value of their money and for their satisfaction. Every automobile has to provide their product with a warranty. You should always select the top warranty for your vehicle. No fee should be charged to the customers regarding these replacements and maintenance. Warranty issued to each and every type of automobiles
There are manly two kind of auto warranty. They are aftermarket auto warranty, which is issued to old or used cars, and new auto warranty, which is issued to brand new cars. Aftermarket auto warranty is also known as used car warranty. The auto warranty is given on two basis and they are time as well as the distance wrapped by the car. The warranty is valid either on the basis of the time period normally it for two years or it is based on the coverage of the distance by the vehicle, say the warranty is valid up till the thirty thousand kilometers maintained by the vehicle.

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