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Common Mishaps That RV Owners Admit To

images-92.jpgUnfortunately, mistakes are a common occurrence when you’re in a place that is unfamiliar.  According to a recent survey, people who drive RV’s admit to making expensive slip-ups.  Approximately 1,000 RV motorists participated in the survey, and revealed some mishaps that are interesting to say the least.

The following were the most common mistakes:  running out of gas, connecting taillights incorrectly, backing up and hitting something, not being able to accurately judge clearance, and pulling out of a parking spot with the steps still out.

According to the survey, approximately 50% of RV motorists travel for at least a month out of the year, and around 40% log 500 miles in their trip.

Although you can usually find blunders humorous, they can cost you big bucks in repairs and damages.  This is why it is necessary to have good insurance and an auto warranty for your RV.  After all, you need to be able to get back on the road as quickly as possible after a mishap.

Posted on Saturday, January 31st, 2009 at 7:16 am In Auto Warranty  

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