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A warranty is an assurance given by the vehicle manufacturer to replace a part of the product or in full if found to be defective within a certain specified period of time from the date of its sale. This is a generally accepted business practice worldwide. Under US law, all consumer oriented goods and products have to be sold along with a warranty.

Any company that tries to push through its product without a warranty is liable for punishment. The same applies to warranty issued to cars. Choosing a car warranty can be a tricky job if you are not aware of the rules. Therefore, it is suggested that you hire an auto consultant to choose the right auto warranty for the car. 

Auto warranty comes in two formats. While the first format is called new car warranty, generally issued to new cars, the second format is called used car warranty, issued to pre-owned cars and used cars. The used car warranty is also called as aftermarket auto warranty. Generally, the price of the used car warranty is higher when compared to the new car warranty considered the risks involved in an aged car. Hiring an auto consultant while purchasing a used car warranty is mandatory. 

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