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How Has The SUV Market Been Changing?

ford-edge-crossover-suv-launch.jpgThere has been a drastically changing landscape for the SUV market over the past year.  Driven by the poor economy, truck-based and full-size SUVs have declined in favor of car-based SUVs that are smaller.  MSN Autos has also experienced this trend among car searches.

The most popular SUV is the most popular, and best selling SUV in America.  Following close behind is the Toyota RAV4.

Three vehicles by Ford are also among the most popular SUVs.  The Ford Escape, as well as the Escape Hybrid follow behind the RAV4, and the Ford Edge comes in 10th place.  One prime example of how America’s taste for SUVs now differs is the difference in the lineup by Ford.  The Ford Explorer was the top selling SUV two years ago, however now the Explorer isn’t a best seller.

New Nissan SUVs, the Rogue and Murano have experienced great popularity, coming in fifth and seventh.

With the high fuel prices, and poor economy, consumers are staying away from big SUVs that guzzle gas, and instead are purchasing smaller SUVs.  In addition, motorists are trying to protect their wallets by purchasing an auto warranty.

Posted on Saturday, July 31st, 2010 at 6:19 pm In Auto Warranty  

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