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How To Buy A Car Quickly, But Wisely

images-17.jpgIdeally, people like to take their time to purchase a new vehicle, but some drivers just can’t wait a month or two.  A theft, accident, or breakdown may leave you scrambling for something to drive.  Here’s a strategy to help you buy quickly, but wisely.

First, think about the car that you just had.  If you loved everything about it, you can purchase the same car.  However, most likely there were a few things about your car that weren’t ideal.  Maybe you needed more cargo space, more legroom, etc.  Let your old car problems be a guide for your new purchase.

Next, calculate what you can spend monthly on a new car.  You can go to to find calculators that help you determine what you can afford.

Now, its time to do some research.  Look at vehicles online in your price range that meets your specific criteria.  You can begin to eliminate cars that don’t have exactly what you need.  Make sure to read reviews on the cars that you like.

Finally, contact a dealership and go in and test drive the 3-4 vehicles you favored.  Even though you are looking to purchase fast, make sure to tell the dealer that you’re not going to buy that day.

Doing research will allow you to get the car that you want for the best price possible.  In addition, make sure you purchase an auto warranty to avoid unnecessary repair costs down the road.  After all, you never know when you will need repairs.

Posted on Friday, April 24th, 2009 at 5:13 pm In Auto Warranty  

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