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How To Paint Your Car Without Spending A Fortune

images-32.jpgBuying a new vehicle is an exciting event in most people’s lives.  People often want to flaunt their priceless possessions for everyone to see.  Drivers purchase an auto warranty to protect their jewels, and treat their cars with loving care. In addition, they try not to let their vehicle get any scratches. A car that is scratch free and has a shiny finish is a good reflection of its owner and brings a lot of driving pleasure.

However, with heavy traffic that is bumper to bumper, it is difficult to keep your beautiful gem scratch free.  In fact, it is inevitable that your vehicle will receive a scratch or two no matter what measures you take.

Never fear, you don’t have to spend thousands at a shop getting your entire car panel painted.  You can use Com-Paint, which is a touch up spray that allows you to say goodbye to scratches.  Follow these simple tips.

On small scratches you can use Aeroshot Top Cut to remove and cleanse the surface that is scratched.  This will most likely take care of the scratches so that they won’t need painting.

For medium scratches level with 1000 No. Emery paper.  Shake the can well and hold it 12” from the surface and use a stroking motion to spray.  Make sure the coats are light, not heavy.  Let the painted area dry at least 72 hours.

Car owners like to feel like their vehicles are brand new.  Simple things can allow you to do this such as touch-up painting, routine maintenance, and purchasing new car warranties to protect your vehicle. These simple things can keep your car seeming brand-new.

Posted on Wednesday, July 28th, 2010 at 1:19 pm In New Car Warranties  

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