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How to Purchase Legitimate Auto Warranty Coverage And Not Get Burned

The auto warranty industry offers a consumer many choices of where they can purchase auto warranty coverage. Of course you can purchase coverage from a franchise dealer as most manufacturers offer their own extended warranty programs. However, these warranty programs are generally so overpriced it becomes a very poor investment overall to purchase the coverage. There are also numerous telemarketers, LLCs, and risk retention groups that offer coverage. The problem with these types of companies that they have no underwriting or insurance so when they close their doors, which they typically do every couple of years, all of the money they’ve collected to consumers goes with them. This makes it extremely important to fully research any company you are considering dealing with. Here are couple of very important things to consider when choosing a warranty company…

As you do your , make sure you use the following criteria when choosing a company to make sure you don’t get burned…

• Choose a company that is in business a minimum of 8-10 years so they are not only selling plans, but successfully paying claims.
• Choose a company that is directly underwritten by a US-based insurance carrier with at least an A/Excellent rating with AMBest or Standard & Poor’s.
• Choose a company that is A+ rated and accredited by the Better Business Bureau which is the only legitimate rating service out there.

Here is some additional information I think you might find helpful. Auto Advantage Incorporated has been offering automotive extended warranties and auto road service to the public for 40 years. They are an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and have an “A+” rating. To look us up, please visit the national Better Business Bureau site at . The following is the information you would need…

Auto Advantage Inc
3494 Overlook Avenue
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

Or you can just click on the direct link to our report which is…

All of their coverage is directly underwritten by an A/Excellent rating underwriter by AM Best Company and Standard & Poors.
To get your free, no obligation quote visit or call 800-933-9190 to speak with somebody by phone.

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