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Keep An Eye On Fraudulent Warranty

Auto warranty is referred to as a repair and maintenance service offered by the dealers of the car in association with the manufacturers of car. Under the law of the US, all customers product including automobile has to be offered one or the other warranty. Usually, warranty period goes up to three or two years from its purchasing date from the showroom. This has been done to safeguard the customer’s interest as well as to offer them the importance of their money. Warranty is very important tool and is non-negotiable instrument.

Several fake warranties are also there in the market so customers are advised to keep their eye open for these while purchasing the warranty for the cars. They might be very attractive and pleasing from outside but actually they are fake ones, there are hardly any service provided by these fraudulent warranties. A fraudulent car warranty is a normal auto warranty, which consists of numerous features. But the features declared in the auto warranty are never delivered.  So it is advised to protect yourself from these types of fake warranties and consult any good auto warranty dealer whose reputation is good in the market.

Posted on Friday, December 28th, 2007 at 8:36 pm In Auto Warranty  

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