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Lemon law rules

A warranty is an assurance given by a product manufacturer to replace a faulty part of the product or the entire product if it is found defective within a specified period of time from the date of the purchase. Warranty is also issued to cars. There are two categories of car warranty. They are used car warranty and new car warranty. There is separate law for new car warranty and used car warranty.

Every state in the US follows the used car warranty law, which is also called lemon law, because of its protective nature. The law makes it mandatory for the car manufacturer to provide error free services. The law also protects car owners against fraudulent warranties in circulation in the market. Under the law, a used car owner can drag the service provider for deficient service.
While purchasing a used car warranty, consult an auto expert. Review at least five different warranty offers before settling for one. The consultant will also explain the rules under used car warranty. The same are also available in the form of brochure with the car dealer. Go through the rules carefully before buying the warranty. The premium for used car warranty is higher when compared to new car warranty considering the age of the vehicle.

Posted on Wednesday, September 19th, 2007 at 9:33 pm In Auto Warranty  

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