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Let Someone Else Pay Much Of The Depreciation On Your Vehicle

When purchasing a car, especially a luxury car, it is generally a prudent financial move to purchase a used vehicle that is 1-3 years old as opposed to purchasing new. Doing this allows you to purchase the car at far lower pricing then it was new as the first owner of the vehicle generally pays a bulk of the depreciation leaving you with a much lower depreciation scale during ownership.

Many vehicles have a faster depreciation rate than others. This specially applies to highline luxury vehicles as there pricing is considerably higher so they have further to drop in the first few years of ownership.

Also, the knowledge that you can purchase an exclusionary bumper-to-bumper extended warranty plan which offers the same type of coverage that is provided by the manufacturer when the car is delivered new makes purchasing a preowned vehicle a very safe bet.

Some of the models we have found to be great deals as used luxury vehicles are the Lincoln, particularly the Navigator, the Audi, particularly the A6 or A8, the Volvo, particularly the XC60 or XC90, and almost any Cadillac, BMW, or Mercedes Benz model.

When shopping for a vehicle why not consider a preowned model to keep some of your hard-earned cash in your own pocket. To explore the best warranty plans available visit an industry leader like Auto Advantage Inc. or call 800-933-9190 for more info and pricing.

Posted on Monday, December 17th, 2018 at 1:54 pm In Used Car Warranties  

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