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Motor Oil-Facts Not Friction

 Motor Oil

Many people don’t know how to select motor oil that will get them optimum performance levels from their vehicles. People usually simply select the oil their parents used or they take the suggestion of a counter person at an auto parts store. There are many differences in motor oils and choosing the right one can have an impact on how well your vehicle runs. Selecting the right oil is a quick, cheap way to improve your vehicle’s performance.  Regardless of what type of oil you use, whether you have a new car or a used car you are still eventually going to face a major repair bill sooner or later. That is why an auto warranty is a necessity. A new car warranty or a used car warranty can provide its owner with peace of mind.  When auto repairs are necessary, the owners are protected from the high cost of automobile repairs. 

Two components determine how well motor oil will perform in your car. One factor is the base oil, and the other is the combination of chemicals (additives) that are added to the base oil. The two primary types of base oils used are mineral and synthetic. Mineral oils are by-products of refined crude oil. Refining helps reduce the impurities but leaves molecules of all shapes and sizes. Synthetic oils are manmade compounds whose molecules are all the same size and shape; consequently, synthetic oil has less friction and performs significantly better than mineral oils.

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