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2013 BMW M3 CoupeA car’s powertrain consists of the parts that make it run. Some of these parts include, the engine, the transmission, and the drivetrain. It is a large system that is made up of many moving parts. If a part of the powertrain is faulty, there is a lower chance that you will actually get to your destination. The car’s powertrain features and engine specs are essential to the making the car run properly.

A powertrain auto warranty covers the components of the powertrain if they are found damaged or defective within a specific period of time. This means that the manufacturer will pay for faulty components that need to be replaced or repaired. The powertrain warranty usually has a mileage or year (whichever comes first) period of coverage that expires when the specific period is up. This warranty usually lasts for longer amounts of time than other manufacturer warranties such as the bumper-to-bumper auto warranty.

Powertrain auto warranty coverage usually excludes parts that wear like the clutches, CV joints and boots, and other parts that have a smaller lifespan and need replacement regularly depending upon how hard the car is driven and how well the car is maintained.

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