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Auto warranty is an assurance given by the vehicle manufacturer in association with the auto dealer to maintain the vehicle in a top condition for a period of time from the original date of its purchase. The auto warranty covers maintenance of the car’s drive train, power train, engine, brake mechanism and steering system. It also covers the replacement of minor spare parts. However, it does not take care of the cost of the replacement of certian parts. A warranty claim cannot be made on if the period expires. A warranty will ensure proper care of the car.

There are two types of auto warranties. They are new car warranty and aftermarket auto warranty. The warranty issued to new cars is called new car warranty. The warranty issued to used cars or preowned cars is called aftermarket auto warranty. The aftermarket auto warranty is costly when compared to new car warranty owing to the age of the car and the risks involved. Hire an auto consultant before settling for a auto warranty. It is necessary to review at least five different auto warranty offers to decide the best. The auto warranty does not take care of the replacement of spare parts or accessories damaged in accidents. 

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