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Avoid Purchasing A Fraudulent Auto Warranty

If you are not aware of the rules and regulations of an auto warranty, it can be risky to purchase one. It is a good idea to hire a professional car consultant who can guide you through the process of purchasing an auto warranty. You have a higher chance of buying a fraudulent warranty without any assistance.

A fraudulent auto warranty will typically offer a wide variety of features at a much lower cost. The issue is that the seller that is claiming to provide this auto warranty, will not actually be able to provide all of the promised services. Fraudulent warranties are commonly found in the used car market. It is essential that consumers looking to purchase used car warranties proceed with caution when shopping. 

The US administration created a law that protects consumers from fraudulent auto warranties. it is called the used car warranty law. It is also commonly referred to as the lemon law.

Don’t Just Settle For Any Auto Warranty

If you are looking to purchase an auto warranty, it is important to do your research. Some consumers will make a purchase based solely on the cost. Though price is an important factor to consider when purchasing an auto warranty, there are many other factors that should be taken into consideration.

When researching which auto warranty is right for you, always ensure that you are going to be purchasing one that is high quality. Look into the company that you are looking to purchase the warranty from. It is important to make sure that the company is reputable, reliable, established, and visible online. A great way to look into the quality of the company is to look it up on the Better Business Bureau. Make sure that the company has high ratings and is accredited.

If you do your research before purchasing your auto warranty, you will be much more likely to be satisfied with your final purchase.

Does Your Warranty Include Wear & Tear Coverage?

When purchasing extended coverage for your vehicle is important to understand what the coverage does and does not cover. One of the main items that some “shady” companies will exclude from coverage is breakdowns of covered parts that have failed due to wear & tear. A wear & tear failure is a breakdown of the part has not completely failed but is no longer working the way the manufacturer intended to. This means that if a covered part has not completely failed, but is beginning to fail but has not stopped working completely or broken into pieces they would exclude it from their coverage.

It is important to know the difference between wear & tear items and scheduled maintenance items. Scheduled maintenance items are not covered by any extended automobile warranty. Examples of scheduled maintenance items are oil changes, tune-ups, tires, wiper blades, batteries, etc.

All “reputable” auto warranty companies will include breakdowns of covered parts that have failed for any reason including wear & tear. All Auto Advantage auto warranty programs include breakdowns due to wear & tear.

Vehicle Manufacturers Have To Make Auto Warranty Adjustments

suv.jpgThere’s no arguing that 2008 is a very important year for the automotive industry.  Consistent recalls, the fuel crisis, and many public-relations situations have automobile manufactures struggling to keep their customers loyal.  It will be interesting to watch during the year to see what makes and models can avoid a continuous downward slide of sales.

The auto warranty world will probably benefit from the manufacturers will as consumers will be far more concerned about adding new car warranties to their vehicles.  The auto warranty business has been on the incline for almost a decade now as a good extended warranty has become one of the most important purchases someone can make with their vehicle.

Feeling the effects of 2008’s potential lackluster automobile performance, vehicle manufacturers automobile warranty divisions may play a pivotal role in enticing customers to make a purchase.  Manufacturer’s warranties will now become an all-important incentive for new and used car buyers.  Customers simply will not be able to avoid considering what warranty coverage a particular company offers.  Many auto warranty providers are now making adjustments to fit in better with this new marketplace.

Do You Want Unlimited Auto Warranty Repair Locations?

russ.jpgDoes your auto warranty restrict where you can go for your repairs?

Auto warranties come in many different shapes and sizes.  Some limit the locations where you can bring the vehicle for repairs under their coverage.  It’s safe to say that some consumers do not have a specific repair shop over a long period of time that they use but the most consistent customers probably go to a particular maintenance shop.  These contract holders are forced to find a new location that may not be comfortable or convenient for them.  An aftermarket auto warranty program that binds its contract holders to particular locations for auto repair can be quite a hassle on scheduling, travel distance, and the repair shop may not be as reputable as the local competition.

If you’re in the market for an automobile warranty that does not limit you on repair locations, be sure to read their fine print.  The bottom line is that you want to choose an auto warranty that allows you to pick you own repair shop.

Unmitigated auto warranty tips

For any car owner, an Auto warranty is indispensable. An auto warranty brings a great sense of relief for the owner in terms of money as well as worries. A lot of money is saved when your car is covered by an auto warranty and a good amount of worries are taken care of by this warranty. This article is meant to aid you by offering some tips regarding auto warranty.

Always be diligent while shopping an auto warranty for you car. The main task you need to execute before buying such a warranty is to do a considerable amount of research on the companies offering auto warranty. A handful of terms and conditions are attached to auto warranties which must be carefully read before taking any decision. Check out all the terms and conditions; ask the company if you need to enquire about anything, if content, you can sign up the contract. Otherwise you may look for another company in the market.

When your car’s manufacturer’s warranty period is about to expire, shop for a nice extended auto warranty program. This extended auto warranty will cover all the areas of mechanical repairs and save you from a huge amount of money. Search in the market for the different warranties and take up the one that suits you best. Follow the auto warranty tips of the article to cope with the car related problems.

Auto Warranty News | Pontiac G8 to be Introduced at Chicago Auto Show Next Week

Specualation confirmed by recent official announcement.

The Pontiac G8, poised to replace the Grand Prix, will be introduced at the Chicago Auto Show next week according to an article at

The announcement was prompted by an ABC News special that aired last night in which GM’s Rick Wagoner showed off the front end of the new G8 to Charlie Gibson. As we told you before, the new G8 is based on the also-new Holden Commodore sedan that GM produces in Australia. It will be rear-wheel drive, with an optional V-8 engine of some type

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Auto Warranty News | General Motors Introducing Maintenance Remote

Device will initiate multiple tasks from a distance.

GM is soon to debut a high-tech version of the key fobs currently available that performs eeveral routine maintenance functions, including checking tire pressure. Tire pressure checks are frequently neglected by about half of the US car-owning population, according to the article. Improper pressure is a contributing cause of many car accidents.

General Motors soon will introduce a remote control that does a lot more than unlock doors and allow pickpockets to find the car that goes with the keys they’ve boosted.

The high-tech key fob will check tire pressures, fuel level and odometer readings from a distance, displaying the numbers on a digital screen. You’ll also be able to tune the radio from the safety and security of your own pocket, so you don’t have to suffer through two seconds of the wrong station when you start the car. The $150 option will show up first on Ostentation Class trucks like the Cadillac Escalade.

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Auto Warranty News | $17 Million For Greater Auto Efficiency from DOE

Department of Energy seeking to reduce foreign dependence on oil.

The Department of Energy is dedicating funds to increase fuel efficiency, $14 million towards support of plug-in hybrid electric automobile technology, and another $3 million towards improving engine efficiency.

DOE’s FreedomCAR and Vehicle Technologies Program will lead the efforts to bring new, more efficient technologies to market with research on plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and E85-blended fuel.

The $14 million cost-shared solicitation for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle battery development aims to improve battery performance so that plug-in hybrid vehicles can deliver the 40 miles of electric range required for most roundtrip daily commutes. DOE has also created a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle test bed at DOE’s Argonne National Laboratory; allowing scientists to measure the performance of a vehicle.

The $3 million cost-shared solicitation will support engineering advances to improve the fuel economy of E85 engines and reduce vehicle emissions. The solicitation also serves to undertake research and development projects that will result in flex-fuel vehicles, which take advantage of the favorable properties of ethanol gasoline blends. E85 can be used in flex-fuel vehicles and is a gasoline-ethanol blend of motor fuel containing 85% ethanol. E85 has the highest oxygen content of any fuel available today, allowing it to burn more completely – and cleaner – than conventional gasoline.

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Auto Warranty News | Audi TT Gets What Car? Award

Best Coupé in its class for Audi TT 2.0 TFSI

Audi TTCiting its agility, style and “real driving talent” the What Car? judges extended honors to the Audi TT for Best Coupe in class, which will be detailed in the March 2007 edition.

The subtly updated skin of the new Audi TT conceals a highly advanced superstructure benefiting from 69% lightweight aluminium content, giving a freer rein to the 200PS, 2.0-litre Turbo engine with FSI direct petrol injection, and a brand new sports chassis incorporating the leading edge Audi magnetic ride adaptive damping system for optimum balance and composure.

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