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Extend your car’s life with Aftermarket Warranty

Whenever you purchase a car it comes with an auto warranty, which is provided by the car company. Like all other warranties this one also expires whenever it reaches the mileage or time period mentioned in the warranty. So, after that whenever your vehicle has some problem you have to get it repaired which means spending money out of your pocket. But to avoid this many dealers and many insurances companies offer attractive after market warranties.
An Aftermarket warranty is sold by the dealer himself or by insurance companies. There are lot warranties, which are available in the market, which offer many options. Though buying an aftermarket warranty from a dealer is considered as the best option as they can be easily renewed but the only major drawback of buying from a dealer is that they are costly and a bit less reliable when compared with the insurance companies. However either you buy it from a dealer or from an insurance company care should be taken that you buy the right warranty, which suits your car and your pocket alike. All in all an Aftermarket warranty extends the life of your car even after the expiry of the original warranty, which comes while buying the car. 

Troubles of finding the best auto warranty

An auto warranty is a guarantee given to you by a dealer or an insurance company which states that whatever repairs that are incurred by your car during the mentioned warranty period will be looked after by them for free of cost. But finding the right warranty is a tricky process as most of the customers do not even have the basic knowledge of these auto warranties and how they work. 

Many things should be taken into consideration while purchasing auto warranties. Firstly you should be well aware of the warranty period which is normally for about 2 to 5 years and which depends on the car company or the dealer and on the brand of the car. Secondly you be aware about the things which are covered in the warranty and the services provided by them like free car check ups and regular servicing. And do they provide default replacement of all the genuine parts and accessories. The last and most important thing while purchasing an auto warranty is, from whom you are purchasing, is it from an auto dealer or from an insurance company.  Keeping all these in your mind you can find the best auto warranty for your car with ease.

Aftermarket Auto Warranty a second life for your car

The Aftermarket Auto Warranty, as the name itself suggests is a warranty program given to your car after your original warranty given by the car company expires.  Initially before the advent of the Aftermarket Auto Warranty, the cars with expired warranties would not get renewals or at least new warrant creating a problem for the customer. But now we have aftermarket auto warranty which gives guarantee to the new cars and also for used cars.                

An aftermarket auto warranty can be purchased from auto dealers or from car insurance companies. Care should be taken while choosing the right warranty that is suitable for you in every way and also which is more reliable. The aftermarket auto market is only one such warranty that gives warranty for used cars and which can be renewed as many times as you like. The coverage of this warranty is also good and also provides almost all the services provided to a brand new car. It also gives complete liberty to the customer and they can sell their car whenever they want, the warranty automatically gets transferred to the new owner with the car and the validity will not break.

Get A Used Car Warranty With A Used Vehicle Purchase

Not everyone can afford buying new cars all the time. A lot of people purchase older cars. Not all old cars are in a bad condition. Some of them are only few years old and their warranty papers are still valid. If you buy a used car you must also ask the seller for the used car warranty papers. These papers can come in handy in case anything goes wrong with your car. There are many things, which you need to note in the used car warranty papers. Theses papers need to be in proper condition and you should agree to all the conditions while buying the vehicle. Note all the terms and conditions of the used car warranty at the time of purchase.

Some people think that the used car warranty is not as good as it is said to be. But this is not true. This is the reason that most of the car dealers suggest their clients to get used car warranty with the car they buy. This helps them in reducing the dangers associated with driving and road emergencies.

Hire an auto consultant

Choosing an auto warranty can be a tricky job if the prospective buyer is not aware of the rules and regulations governing the auto warranty. Under such circumstances, it is advisable that vehicle owners hire an auto consultant to select an appropriate warranty for the car. There are separate laws governing the auto warranty. The laws meant for new car warranty is called new car warranty law. The rules guiding the used car warranty are called used car warranty laws, also known as lemon law since it is protective in nature.

Since the used car warranty is costlier when compared to the new car warranty, there are a number of fraudulent warranties in float in the market. Fraudulent warranty, by definition, are routine warranties with plenty of promises. The promises are of features and services offered on the warranty, but often not delivered. This amounts to breach of trust by the warranty service provider. Watch out for auto warranty that is loaded with a number of features. Always opt for a flexible warranty of short duration. In case you are not happy with the service provider, it can always be changed. Review at least five different auto warranty offers before settling for the best that suits the vehicle.

Exercise caution

Auto warranty tips refer to useful information that comes in handy while purchasing the warranty. Auto warranty tips are important since purchasing a warranty can be a tricky task. Either hire an auto consultant while purchasing the auto warranty or exercise caution in the deal if you are doing it on your own.  

Auto warranty is an undertaking given by the vehicle manufacturer in association with the auto dealer to provide repair and maintenance service to the vehicle for a period of time from the date of its sale. The auto warranty also takes care of the cost of the replacement of spare parts if found defective within the warranty period. However, it does not take care of the cost of the replacement of expensive spare parts. Also, the spare parts or accessories damaged on account of accidents cannot be covered under the warranty.  

There are two segments in auto warranty, used car warranty and new car warranty. Used car warranty refers to warranty issued to used cars while new car warranty refers to warranty issued to new cars. Watch out for fraudulent warranty while purchasing warranty for used cars. The used car warranty, also known as aftermarket auto warranty, is generally expensive considering the age of the vehicle. 

Go for a suitable warranty

A warranty is an assurance given by a product manufacturer to replace the product in part or in full if found to have a genuine manufacturing defect. The warranty period will exist for up to two years from the date of the sale of the product. Under US law, all products have to be accompanied by a warranty. The same applies to vehicles also. Therefore go for a suitable warranty.  

A suitable auto warranty could mean one that is flexible, affordable, and functional and that meets your expectation. To select a suitable warranty, it is important to conduct review of the existing offers. At the time of purchasing the car, the auto dealer will provide the warranty offers. Insist for at least five different warranty packages. Normally, each auto dealer would have tied up with at least five different independent agencies for the warranty. Therefore, it should not be a problem for the auto dealer to provide five different warranty plans.  

In auto warranty, there are two categories. They are new car warranty and used car warranty. New car warranty is issued to brand new cars released from the showroom. The used car warranty is issued to pre-owned cars. The used car warranty is also called as aftermarket auto warranty. 

Opt for a flexible warranty plan

Auto warranty is a program under which the car manufacturer is obligated to replace defective and faulty spare parts. However, the warranty period should be in operation to replace the defective spare parts. The replacement of certain parts is not covered under the warranty. There are a number of warranty plans. It is advisable to opt for a flexible warranty plan.  

The warranty plan ranges between three months and three years, depending on the requirement of the car owner. It is suggested that you begin with a flexible plan since it gives you the option of changing the service provider in case you are dissatisfied with the service of the existing agency. Normally, the auto warranty is provided by the auto dealer in association with a third party agent. Take caution while selecting the auto warranty. Opt for a reputed third party agent operated warranty.  

The auto warranty does not take care of the cost of the replacement of spare parts damaged in accidents. In addition to this, the car owner cannot ask for replacement of the spare parts with the auto dealer if the warranty has expired. Hire an auto consultant to purchase a warranty plan. 

Flexible options available

Auto warranty is a tricky service, which unless chosen appropriately, may not be of optimum use to the car owner. Auto warranty is an assurance given by the vehicle manufacturer to replace a faulty spare part, if found defective, in the warranty period. There are various auto warranty plans, including flexible options. Go for the best option after consulting a warranty expert.

The auto warranty is given up to 30,000 miles covered by the vehicle from the date of its sale or up to two years, whichever comes first. Therefore, it is imperative that the warranty offer is fully utilized before the period expires. The basic auto warranty takes care of routine repair and maintenance, driver train, power train and engine repair, replacement of inexpensive spare parts and accessories.

The other options in auto warranty include the bumper-to-bumper warranty, which takes care of the entire car from the front headlights to the tail lights. This is an expensive warranty, often offered to luxury and high end cars. It is often called the life insurance of the vehicle.

Do not buy an auto warranty, which is loaded with features. Often, they are not delivered. Therefore, it is advisable to go in for a flexible short duration warranty to begin with.

Buy a flexible auto warranty

A warranty is a service under which a product manufacturer promises to replace the product in full or in part if found defective within a declared period of time from the date of its sale. Under US law, all consumer firms have to offer warranty to the products sold by them. Warranty will also be offered to cars. It is called auto warranty.

Under an auto warranty, repair of the vehicle, its maintenance, replacement of inexpensive spare parts and repair of the engine, drive train and power train are carried out for no extra fee. However, the cost of the replacement of expensive spare parts is not covered by the warranty. Similarly, spare parts damaged or rendered ineffective on account of neglegance cannot be replaced under warranty.

The warranty is available on the basis of two factors. The time bound auto warranty is issued for a period of up to two years from the date of the sale of the car. The auto warranty based on distance is offered up to 30,000 miles covered by the car. There is another warranty, which is an combination of both a period of time and mileag based warranties. The auto warranty will be in existence till whichever of the two factors come to an end. 

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