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Tips To Help Car Shoppers Save

images-27.jpgIf you’re considering purchasing a new or used vehicle, you should do a few things first.  You can make the process of buying a car easier, and save yourself some money by following a few simple tips.

First of all, you should consider purchasing a pre-owned car.  New vehicles will immediately lose about 30% of their value when they are driven out of the dealership lot.  A used car will save you from losing that immediate depreciation.

Try to purchase a vehicle that is fuel-efficient.  There are an endless amount of new hybrid options and cars that will save you money at the gas pump.  With the variety of choices out there, there is no need to purchase a vehicle that guzzles gas.

If at all possible, save for a decent down payment.  A lot of motorists will barely put any money down on a vehicle and don’t understand why their payments the first four years are so high.  Putting down 20% will make a big difference in lowering monthly payments.

Lastly, buy an auto warranty along with your car purchase.  Many consumers try to get away with not doing this and they end up spending an unnecessary amount of money on repairs down the road.

Follow these simple tips to save yourself a headache.  Do your homework before getting to the dealership in order to make the best decisions.

Posted on Friday, January 16th, 2009 at 7:27 pm In Auto Warranty  

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