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Warranty for brand new cars

Warranty refers to repair and maintenance service offered to vehicles by auto dealers in association with a third party agent. Warranty also covers some replacement of spare parts. There are two categories of warranties. The first is called new car warranty issued to brand new cars. The second category is called used car warranty meant for vehicles sold in the aftermarket or pre-owned cars.

The new car warranty is issued on two bases. The first basis is the time. For instance, the warranty period ranges between three months to three years from the date of the sale of the car. The second basis is time. The warranty is issued for vehicles covering up to 3,000 miles or 30,000 miles. The choice of opting either of the categories is up to the vehicle owner. Always, choose a flexible package. For, if the service rendered is not up to the mark, you have the opportunity of changing the warranty provider.
Review at least five different warranty packages. The warranty covers the repair and maintenance of the vehicle’s engine, power train, drive train, steering system and brake mechanism for a fixed period of time.

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