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Warranty For Your Vehicles


Warranty is referred to as a promise given to the customers by the local dealer of the vehicle in association with the manufacturer of the vehicle. This warranty is applied and valid from the date of the purchase of the vehicle. Under the warranty the dealer of the vehicle pays all the maintenance as well as the repair cost. If any genuine defect in the parts of the vehicle is found then the product dealer under the warranty period will instantly replace it. Many times the whole model can be changed and replaced if the defect is detected in the vehicle.

Under the law of the US, every product must be sold with the warranty. This is done to ensure the value of money to customers, and this also safeguards the right of consumer’s. Warranty for cars is also provided and it is known as auto warranty. Under warranty period all the repairing and maintenance costs is paid by the dealer of the vehicle. However, the dealers under the warranty do not repair the accessories and spares damaged in an accident. You should check the status of another party service prior purchasing an auto warranty.

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