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Warranty Is Necessary For All Cars

Auto warranty is that service which is offered by the manufacturers of the product through the local auto dealers. Under this all the cost of the maintenance and repair is borne by the local auto dealers. Warranty is very necessary for your products to safeguard your interest and the value of your money. Under the law of the US, it has been mandatory that all the product dealers have to provide warranty on the cars or on any kind of product they are launching in the market for sale. But the expense of an accident damages are not covered under the warranty.

There are two sorts of warranty given to automobiles and they are: new car warranty as well as after-market auto warranty. After-market auto warranty is issued to those cars, which are old and used. After-market auto warranty is also known as used car warranty. New car warranty is given to only new cars. After-market auto warranty is very expensive than that of new car warranty taking into consideration the maturity of the vehicle. However in comparison the features of the after-market auto warranty are fewer in comparison to new car warranty. 

Posted on Friday, December 28th, 2007 at 8:37 pm In Auto Warranty  

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