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What Do Women Want In A Car?

images-2.jpgIf you ask a woman if she would like to buy a Dodge Viper, chances are she will say “no”.  This car is a V-10 two seater that starts at approximately $80,000.  Although this may not be a woman’s cup of tea, studies show that many men would like to have this car.  Like many other aspects of life, men and women seem to have very different tastes, and cars are no exception.

Men and women buy the Viper, but 91% of customers are men.  The Porsche 911 and BMW M5 are also cars being bought primarily by males.  These models cost above $60,000.  Studies show that men often equate their car with their image.  In other words, they choose cars that will portray a certain status.

What cars do women like?  The #1 choice is the Toyota RAV4.  Women like to purchase small, affordable cars that are easy to buy.  For example, the Saturn SC, SL, and ION are popular choices for women.  These cars start at around $10,000 including new car warranties, and have a reputation of being “no hassle” when it comes to buying.

It is obvious that women and men think very differently in lots of areas, cars included.  Men like to buy the fast, impressive cars, whereas women purchase the inexpensive, small cars.  The only common ground that these cars have is that they are backed by an auto warranty.

Posted on Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009 at 5:47 pm In Auto Warranty  

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