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Why Pickups May Not Be The Best Family Vehicles

images-2.jpgRecent tests show that pickup trucks aren’t as safe as people originally thought.  For instance, the Nissan Navara received just one out of five stars for adult safety.  In fact, the Navara has a life-threatening risk of injury.  In addition, the Navara only received three out of five stars for child protection, and two for pedestrian.

The Isuzu Rodeo has also been faced with lots of criticism because it only received two out of five stars for adult protection.  The Rodeo has also received an unacceptable rating for life threatening injuries.  This vehicle got one star for pedestrian protection and two for protection of children.

However, Isuzu says that they did internal testing of the Rodeo and it got three stars.  Also, it had a great record with real accidents.

Also low scoring in the safety category is the Mitsubishi L200.  Although this pickup got four stars for adult protection, it only received three stars for child protection and one for pedestrian protection.

Pickup truck manufacturers have recently been adding attractive options for families, yet according to safety ratings pickups aren’t the best choice for families.  However, pickup truck owners should make sure they have a good auto warranty, since you never know when you will have to pay for repairs.

Posted on Saturday, November 28th, 2009 at 5:48 pm In Auto Warranty  

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