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California Driving Law Succeeds for Safer Highways

Positive Changes From Teen Driving Crack-Down For everyone with the exception of teenagers on the brink of their license or enduring patient waiting for driving privileges, California’s teen driving laws are a source of great relief and increased highway security. California’s mandates that teens must have at least 50 hours of supervised driving, be 15 […]

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New Environmentally-Friendly BMW Hits Rental Locations

BMW Does Hydrogen Germany’s BMW has decided it really will produce a hydrogen-fueled model, but not without a trial run. They’re calling it the Hydrogen 7 and it will soon be available to rent in the U.S., Europe, and Japan in 2007. Breaking away from emissions-reduced fueling, the Hydrogen 7 has an emissions-free component, allowing […]

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Gas Prices Can�t Stop Bigger and Better SUV Manufacturing

Ford�s Ignores Consumer Cut-Backs With Expedition EL Model Gas prices have caused a considerable decline in the purchasing of SUV and other gas-guzzling car models but apparently not enough to make some auto makers resist exploring new large and luxurious territory. Ford is releasing a version of the Expedition called the Expedition EL in 2007 […]

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Auto Ratings On Display

Window Stickers Make Models Valid or Vulnerable In 2008 car buying will include a scrutinized look at a sticker other than the one with the price. The NHTSA has mandated that vehicles other than pickups must display crash ratings on a star scale of 1-5 on a window sticker. Auto manufacturers will be asked to […]

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Vehicle Customers Pay More For Safety Features

Travel Safety Is Top Priority The innovation of vehicles with safety features such as side-impact airbags, collision avoidance, and roadside assistance proves that customers want safety first when on the road. The priority for vehicle owners is obvious: safe transportation. Automobile Digest covers this topic in an article inspired by an annual JD Power survey […]

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Lower Gas Prices Encourage Attention to Warranty Coverage

While Fuel Is Prevelant, Car Owners Get Protection Automotive Digest reports a disappointing prediction about the gas price relief the country is experiencing as of late. Unfortunately drivers have already been made well aware of the inconsistency driving gas prices to sky high settings and influencing little relief over the course of the year. The idea of long-term […]

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Extended Warranty Meets Extended Repair Service

Automobile Repair Locations With Extended Hours A new and relieving trend in automobile care that has repair shops staying open later and welcoming customers after traditional hours has been initiated by a particular chain of auto mechanic locations. Automotive Digest’ online publication highlights All Night Auto’s attempt to service the public who has difficulty making an appointment within the […]

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Owners Get Full Life From Vehicle

Automotive Trends Show Longer Car Ownership Motorists are opting for a longer lifespan of their current vehicles rather than hitting the car dealerships prior to a real need for automotive replacement. Perhaps it’s the higher gas prices or the fact that extended warranties are offering longer and more invasive coverage, but the latest trend is […]

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The Auto Industry�s Development Overhaul

On The Brink Of Car Making Revolution Auto manufacturers are done with the old and bringing out the new, pleasing an ever-so-ready public. Despite protesting from a few soccer moms, Ford is moving past the minivan madness of the past few decades to focus their manufacturing attention on SUV distribution instead. The decline of the […]

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Warranties That Can’t Be Refused

Purchase a Warranty You Can Bank On Consider yourself fortunate to be an observer rather than a victim of the misfortune caused by GM’s Dex-Cool antifreeze. It is easy to stand back and be unfazed by such an occurrence; especially if you don’t have one of the particular models mentioned parked in your garage. But […]

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