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You Should Understand Your Auto Warranty

There are many factors that people think when they consider purchasing an auto warranty. When you go to dealers they they will try to convince you that the warranty tehy are selling is suitable for your car. But the thing that you should watch for is that most of the time a car is available with an auto warranty so there is no need to buy any. People think that dealers would not or could not provide any warranty on the product, which was not up to values. So, you buy your vehicle and get an auto warranty.  

You should know what all assistance and services does the company under the warranty provide. You should go through the warranties before purchasing any. Getting all the information regarding an auto warranty is very important before getting all the things done. Many people think that there is no need to read and gain information regarding the warranty. But this is something wrong; you will not be able to know the services and assistance that the company provides under the warranty. So you should be aware of all the things before you purchase any auto warranty.

Auto warranty – Get one for your car


An auto warranty is a very important investment in used or new car. It literally saves a lot of money on repairs. There are some information that you should research and consider before you sign any contract on a used or new automobile regarding the warranty. If it is the scene of old, used car, it is recommended to ensure the extended or the real car warranty, because it may be ineffective. If the car were purchased from the dealer, then there would be a temporary warranty say, like short-term warranty, which can save your money.  

The car owner’s manual includes all information on basic warranties, which you must know. General warranties usually are for 3 years and 36000 miles. They include each and every element of the motor vehicle, other then those items, which are particularly pointed out in the debarred list. It is recommended for the purchasers to go through the power train warranty, which is normally for sixty months or 60,000 miles. After the expiry of bumper-to-bumper warranty only these warranties proves to be effective one, but they have limited coverage. When you select any company that has an extended warranty, than it is advisable to go through the company with the sound business history.

Why choose the aftermarket auto warranty?


The aftermarket auto warranty, also known as the extended warranty, is the one warranty that offers the most flexibility and convenience than any other type of warranty service.  The aftermarket auto warranty can cover any type of auto vehicle.  It can be obtained simultaneously with the purchase of a vehicle, or it can be obtained five years after the date of the vehicle purchase.  It can be used with another warranty type, or it can be used on its own.

But why would you want to apply the aftermarket auto warranty on a vehicle that already has a warranty?  The answer lies simply in the fact that the aftermarket auto warranty is one that is meant to provide a subsidy type of coverage on most vehicles.  You have to pay for the aftermarket auto warranty – it cannot simply be given to you unless you purchase a vehicle with an existing aftermarket warranty that the former owner would have paid for.  The aftermarket auto warranty can be purchased at any time after the date of purchase of the vehicle, and it can even be used to extend the life of a current warranty coverage (you pay for coverage for an additional period of time after your first warranty expires) or the limit of your existing warranty coverage.

What is there to know about After Market Auto Warranty

Most of the manufacturers of a vehicle offer a warranty with the purchase of the vehicle. Unfortunately the warranty is limited to a certain time period or a limit of mileage. After the manufacturers warranty expires all the repairing and unexpected breakdown costs have to be paid by the buyer of the vehicle. Maintenance cost keeps on rising higher and higher and you need to keep shelling out money to pay for the repairs. In such cases the best option is an After Market Auto Warranty. The aftermarket auto warranty program takes effect when the warranty period of the new car expires. With this aftermarket auto warranty program, various dealers of auto companies have experienced significant customer growth.

Many think that car insurance can fulfill this purpose, but this is not the case. Most of the car insurances cover costs in case of an accident and have an entirely separate option of maintenance and repair coverage. Opting for an After Market Auto Warranty seems to be an intelligent choice since these warranties can actually get you a discounted cost on repairs or spare parts that need to be replaced, which will save you more money in the long run.


Am I spending my money wisely on the aftermarket auto warranty?

The aftermarket auto warranty is the warranty that you must buy from a service provider if you wish to get coverage on a vehicle that currently has none, or if you simply wish to extend the coverage period and coverage benefits to your vehicle.  While other warranties are issued free of charge by the manufacturers, dealers, or person who sells the car, the aftermarket auto warranty is an independent warranty that you can buy anywhere; it is not limited to the people who sell you the car.

When purchasing an aftermarket auto warranty however, there are certain things you need to consider.  Because it is a warranty that you must purchase, you should make sure that you obtain a money-back guarantee for a period agreeable upon by both parties.  This is because you need to ensure that the warranty is right for you and that it covers what you need covered in your car.  The best time to review the warranty is once you leave the service provider.  This is because the dealer usually tells you what you need to hear to buy the warranty, but may leave out certain other vital information that you would not pick up on unless you were fully knowledgeable in the matter.

An auto warranty tailor-made to meet your needs

The aftermarket auto warranty is one of the few warranties that you will ever own that you would have the most control over.  This is because the aftermarket auto warranty, also known as the extended warranty, which is a service contract that you have to pay an additional cost for when you purchase a car.  This warranty also is different from all the rest in that it can be purchased any time after the purchase of your car, and can be purchased at that too from any service provider – not necessarily an authorized car dealer where you might pay twice as much for anything.

An aftermarket auto warranty can be purchased if you have a new car warranty, a used car warranty, or even no auto warranty at all.  It is a warranty that provides you with additional coverage from independent providers.  For example, if your new car warranty expires in two years, an aftermarket warranty can be purchased to extend the validity of the car warranty by any specified period.  Or if your used car warranty only has limited coverage, you can buy an aftermarket auto warranty to specifically cover the parts of your car that are not covered (extending warranty coverage).

Extend your car’s insurance

At the time of buying a car, an auto warranty is provided by the company. Under this warranty, cost of all the repairs and services of the car is covered. But once the car is used for certain mileage, this auto warranty expires. For such vehicles, an extended car warranty or an aftermarket auto warranty can be purchased. This aftermarket warranty is provided by the car insurance company that offers various attractive and beneficial packages when your car meets a failure.
An aftermarket warranty can be bought through the original dealer or from the insurance company. In both circumstances there are some factors that need to be considered. The option of buying the warranty from the dealer is considered a better one because in this case it becomes easy to renew or sustain the contract in the future. But a major drawback is also attached to the option of buying from the dealer. The warranty bought from the dealer usually tends to be more expensive. It may also cover less than the warranty bought from the insurance company. But regardless of all this, it is always better to research about the insurance and the company’s options before investing in an aftermarket warranty.

Before you buy that aftermarket auto warranty, consider …


An aftermarket auto warranty is basically an extended warranty contract.  Most people buy these because they think that more coverage is better coverage, but they do not take the time to think carefully about whether or not they really need an aftermarket auto warranty.

First of all, the manufacturer’s warranty is the first warranty that any vehicle ever possesses.  Is this warranty still valid?  If it is, you must then consider the remaining mileage or time frame till this warranty becomes void.  Secondly, what is the purpose of your purchase?  Is eighteen months coverage enough for your purposes?  What is the average mileage covered per day – would fifteen thousand miles be enough for your driving distances?  If not, then the aftermarket auto warranty might be for you.

You also need to consider the possibility that you would sell the car before the manufacturer’s warranty is even up.  If such is the case, then it makes no sense at all for you to invest in an aftermarket auto warranty – quite simply because the purpose of the aftermarket auto warranty is to provide extended coverage beyond your manufacturer’s validity (this can be both time periods and limited coverage). 

Read your aftermarket auto warranty carefully!



More often enough, people are under the assumption that their responsibilities of maintaining their vehicle seizes once they get aftermarket auto warranty.  Buying an aftermarket auto warranty however does not necessarily imply that your car’s maintenance and repairs are no longer your immediate concerns.  In fact, it is quite easy to get oneself into a fine mess if not careful about the purchase of the aftermarket auto warranty.  Time and time again you have heard it: “Read carefully before you sign or buy!”  Most people would be surprised to know that the most common reasons for a warranty claim to be denied are because of a lack of understanding of the information within the warranty, or simply the neglect to read the information within the warranty.

Most aftermarket auto warranties require that you service your vehicles at the specified servicing times or mileages specified in your contract.  Even missing a simple oil change can mean that you have broken your contract.  Remember, most companies operate to make money, and where possible they try to avoid paying claims as much as possible.  Do not let their next victim be you – read carefully!


A warranty is the best way to ensure the safety of your automobile. It is contract in which the dealer states a written promise on the coverage that would be provided to the warranty purchaser. Whether a new or used car, the warranty is must have for any car driver. Even if the original car warranty is over, anyone can get an aftermarket car warranty.

This type of warranty is available for all types of vehicles, including trucks, motorcycles and buses. The aftermarket auto warranty is based on various factors, such as year, make, or model of the vehicle. Companies can offer 3 months to 14 years of coverage or from 3,000 miles to 170,000 miles. There are three basic types of aftermarket car warranties available in the market, including Power train, Component, and Bumper-To-Bumper.

No matter which option you choose, each of the warranties offer useful benefits at an affordable price. With a warranty, the vehicle will be protected from unexpected mechanical breakdowns. As the vehicle gets older, the costs of repairs start mounting up. So, to ensure a safety of your monthly budget, it is necessary to buy an aftermarket car warranty for your vehicle.

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