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Archive for January 1st, 2009

How To Keep Children Safe In Your Car

What is important about age 13 that makes it OK for children to finally ride in the front seat of the car?  Are they finally big enough to withstand the impact of an airbag?  Are they at the age where they can behave in the front seat?
A big part of the problem is behavior.  When […]

Misconceptions About Hybrids

According to a recent study by J.D. Power and Associates, there is a great amount of interest in hybrids and alternative fuel vehicles.  In fact, less than 25% of people asked revealed that they would only consider purchasing a car powered by gasoline.
However, there are some misconceptions.  Motorists who purchased a hybrid car expected that […]

Why Buy A Sedan?

What benefits come with purchasing a sedan?  Sedans will give you a balance of performance, handling, fuel-efficiency, safety and easy access.  Also, they handle well in the majority of driving situations.  Unless you are someone who needs to store a lot of cargo, they are a great option.
There are many different choices when looking at […]

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